Capturing Cambridge
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36-37 Bateman Street

36 Bateman Street

36 Bateman Street


George Harding, 54, painter,  b Cambridge

Elizabeth L, 52, bedmaker,   b Cambridge

George F, 29, clerk,  b Cambridge

Ernest, 27, porter

Elizabeth, 25

Charles E, 15,  b Cambridge

Kate E, 11,  b Cambridge

Kate P Ward, visitor, 21, b Norfolk



George Harding, 64, painter, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Lydia Harding, 62, college bedmaker, b Cambridge

Ernest Harding, 37, university porter, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Harriet Harding, 35, b Cambridge

Phyllis Irene Harding, granddaughter, 3, b London


George Harding, painter


Miss Smith


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