Capturing Cambridge
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59 Bateman Street

History of 58 Bateman Street


John W Cooper, 53, barrister at law, barrister at law, b Cambridge

Charlotte A, 53,  b Lincs

Beatrice M, 22, b Cambridge

Emily Wesley, 20, cook, b Cambs

Julie Negus, 16, housemaid, b Herts



James Clement Johnson, 58, sack merchant and manufacturer, b Edinburgh

Phyllis Irene, 16, correspondence student, b Cherry Hinton

Robert Henry Clement, student, b Cherry Hinton

Mary Roberts, visitor, 65, widow, private means, b London

Catherine Emily Roberts, visitor, 36, teacher, b Canada

Mabel A Bradford, 33, cook, b Cambridge

Rosa E Allen, 21, housemaid, b Toft



Clement Johnston


A Brindles, furnished parts


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