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48 Bateman Street

48 Bateman Street, Cavendish House

History of 48 Bateman Street


Helen Campton, 32, headmistress, b Sawston

Florence, sister, 26, teacher, b Sawston

Jane A, cousin, 33, teacher, b Lincs

Hilda M Whitely, boarder, 22, teacher, b Yorks

Elizabeth S Meyer, 18, schoolgirl, b Germany

Mary L Holiday, 16, schoolgirl, b Duxford

Else M A Jones, 14, boarder, schoolgirl, b Cambridge

Marcel F Parker, 15, boarder, schoolgirl, b Yorks

Mandolina Dewhurst, 13, boarder, schoolgirl, b Cambridge

Mabel Jackson, 13, boarder, schoolgirl, b Newmarket

Marguerite C Smith, 10, boarder, schoolgirl, b Cambs

Grace A Howell, 29, cook, b Cambs

Florence D Hall, 23, housemaid, b Cambs


Winsome Williams, boarder, 14, b London

Marguerite Holmes, boarder, 7, b Ilford

Agnes Janet Martha Learmonth, teacher, 25, b Scotland

Jessie Mary West, teacher, 25, b Essex

Jane Anne Crampton, teacher, 43, b Lincs

Helen Priscilla Crampton, 42, head mistress, b Sawston

Grace Howell, servant, 33, b Sawston

Emma Bareford, servant, 19, b Cambs

1913 Ladies School

Miss Helen Crampton

1956 (Electoral Roll)

Alma Beeton

Jane Kayley

Margaret Poulton

Mary Stubbs

1958 (Electoral Roll)

Marjorie Charles

Pauline Rowney

Barbara Shailes

Mary Stubbs

1959 (Electoral Roll)

Barbara Shailes

Mary Stubbs


Ely Diocesan House (Miss M Stubbs matron)

1966 (Electoral Roll)

Mary Dawson

Ruth Pegler

Mary Stubbs

Audrey Walker


Ely Diocesan Home (Miss M Stubbs SRN, SCM matron)


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