Capturing Cambridge
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53 Bateman Street

53 Bateman Street, Sussex Villa

History of 53 Bateman Street

53 Bateman Street detail


Edward M Pitt, 59, retired clergyman C of E, b Kennington

Anne M, 62, b London

Rose A, 24, b Norfolk

Marcus, 22, b Norfolk

William O, 20, Norfolk

Winifred, 14, b Norfolk

Ruth Stonebridge, 25, housemaid, b Cambs

Julia Samworth, 22, cook, b Quy



Emma Burton Beall, 68, b Hunts

Sophia Elizabeth, step daughter, 55, b Cambridge

Gertrude Gilson, 35, cook, b Over

Martha Durrant, housemaid, 36, b Norfolk



Mrs G Beall


(53a) Werner Jacobsen

(53b) Miss Rolfe

(53c) A Sheppard

(53d) Miss Hignell

(53e) Miss I Bewick


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