Capturing Cambridge
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62 Bateman Street

62 Bateman Street, Bateman House

History of 62 Bateman Street


Jane Thornton [?], 50, schoolmistress, b Oxon

Daisy G Golding, 19, visitor, b Newmarket

Ella Farrar, boarder, 32, classical mistress, b Durham

Margaret E Geoffrey, boarder, 27, modern languages mistress, b France

Gertrude M Swann, boarder, 26, art mistress, b Newmarket

Eleanor E Willis, boarder, 24, mathematic English mistress, b London

Agnes W McCowan, 25, music mistress, b Scotland

Dorothy L Boyce, 18, boarder, scholar, b Herts

Theodora Golding, boarder, 17, scholar, b Newmarket

Nelly Golding, boarder, 16, scholar, b Newmarket

Florence Day, boarder, 16, scholar, b Middlesex

Lillian Townsend, boarder, 17, scholar, b Cambs

Ellen M Townsend, boarder, 16, scholar, b Cambs

Hilda M Thornton, boarder, 15, scholar, b Oxon

Winifred Brown, boarder, 15,  scholar, b Herts

Bessie M Haggate [?], boarder, 13, scholar, b Cambs

Emily J Brown, boarder, 12, scholar,

Gertrude Miles, boarder, 17, scholar,

Edith E Papworth, boarder, 13, scholar,

Maria Jackson, 35, housekeeper, b Cambs

Rose Ison, 23, cook, b Cambs

Bertha Thompson, 19, housemaid, b Ely

Eliza Jackson, 24, parlourmaid, b Harston

Rose Allen, 14, kitchenmaid, b Middlesex



Clara Louise Nicholl, 53, widow, b Suffolk

Joseph Warren McKillop Nicholl, 16,  b India

Claude Hall, step grandson, 9, b India

Patrick Edward, step grandson, 7, b India

Maud Mary Mann, 28, servant, b Suffolk

May Kathleen Frost, 18, servant, b Suffolk



Mrs C L Nicholl


Davies’s School of English


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