Capturing Cambridge
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9-10 Bateman Street

9 Bateman Street

History of 9 Bateman Street


Catherine J Knowles

Charlotte E, sister, 41,  b Cambridge

Lifford [?] Hewitt, boarder, 19, bank clerk, b Surrey

Edith Filch, 19, servant, b Cambridge



Catherine J Knowles, 53, single, private means, b Cambridge

Evelyn M Spearing, 25, assistant lecturer on English at Bedford College London, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Langford, 22, general servant, b Cambridge

Evelyn Spearing was educated at the Perse and Newnham College Cambridge. She served as a VAD nurse in France during WWI. Afterwards she became tutor in English at St Hughs Oxford University.



Miss Knowles



Wilfred J Ellis


9 Bateman Street 1960s (photo from MFlude 2020)

9 Bateman Street 1960s (photo from MFlude 2020)

Post 1962 to 1990s:

The Flude family moved here in the 1960s, Henry Thomas, wife Barbara May and two sons, Robert and Michael.

Henry and Barbara Flude, c 1960s (photo from MFlude 2020)

Robert Flude c 1960s

Michael Flude c 1960s

The house was used to take in students for Trinity Hall in term time and as a bed and breakfast in the summer. There were six bedrooms, a bathroom with a huge cast iron bath, a basement with a kitchen area and lounge,  and a huge old style pantry. There were servant calling bells and some rooms had maid call bell pulls. There were still big meat hooks in the basement pantry. There was also a beautiful carved oak stair rail.  (Info supplied by MF in 2020)

Original fittings at 9 Bateman Street

Stair rail at 9 Bateman Street


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