Capturing Cambridge
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Hugh Aubrey Cockerton

Gothic Street

History of Gothic Street

For notes on the early development of this area see New Town.

Terraced Houses in Cambridge plans


NB for 1841 census birthplace is within Cambridgeshire, unless otherwise stated


(Property with no number given): Mary Harradine, 50

Henry, 20

John, 14

Elizabeth, 8

Francis Atkins, 34, stoker


(1): unoccupied


(2): John Pinner, 20, cabinet maker

William, 18, printer

Jemimah, 53

Ann, 22


(3): Sarah Worthing, 40, nurse

Martha, 17

Caroline, 15


(4): John Bumbelow, 35, cabinet maker

Mary, 36

William, 8

Mary Ann, 6

John, 10 months


(5): nothing recorded


(6): Henry Clay, 42, stone mason, born outside Cambridgeshire

Mary, 30, born outside Cambridgeshire

Henry, 14, born outside Cambridgeshire

Esther, 6, born outside Cambridgeshire

Ann, 8 months, born outside Cambridgeshire

Ann Caveley, 15, female servant

Thomas Morley, 70, labourer, born outside Cambridgeshire


(7): Charles Clark, 35, groom

Mary Ann, 25

Delilah, 5

Emma, 2

Jeremiah Philips, 45, tailor, born outside Cambridgeshire


(8): James Dring, 55, tailor

Ann, 55

Michael, 17

Emma, 13


(9 and 10): nothing recorded


(11): Thomas Bilton, 40, college servant

Sarah, 45

Sarah, 19

Lucy, 17

Ellen, 11


(12): James Tavener, 45, painter

Mary, 40

John, 20, painter

William, 13

Henry, 12

Anne, 10

Sarah, 8

Charles, 6

David, 4

Francis, 1


(13, 14, 15 and 16): nothing recorded


(17): John Sheldrick, 24, labourer

Sarah, 25

William Thorne, mason, born outside Cambridgeshire


(18): Sarah Cove, 56

David Hardy, 4, (occupation given as ‘college servant’ but seems to be crossed out – should perhaps refer to Sarah?  There is a 14 year old David Hardy in Gothic Street in 1851, with his father Jeremiah, who in 1841 is listed as gate porter at Queens College))


(19, 20 and 21): nothing recorded


(22): Thomas Clare, 31, picture frame maker, born outside of Cambridgeshire

Lydia, 30

Mary Ann, 3

Thomas, 1


(23): Benjamin Wilkins, 65, miller

Elizabeth, 55


(24): Christopher Taylor, 30, groom

Ann, 30

Robert, 9

Ann, 1

Ann, 1 month (from birth records this Ann is more likely, and the other a misprint)

Owen, 14

Ann Flack, 50

Martha Flack, 14

Mary, 14


No other numbers recorded, although later censuses show 26 properties


NB no house numbers are given for this census.  26 households are identified – the same number as in 1861

Where a household can be found living in the same street in other censuses this is noted.


John Tiplady, 50, beer seller, b Yorkshire

Mary, 43, b Yorkshire

John, 17, shoemaker, b Cambridge

Mary, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

William, 4, scholar, b Cambridge

Elisha Matthews, 44, widower, lodger, labourer, b Bottisham


Jemima Pinner, 61, widow, late laundress, b Walden, Essex

John, 29, carpenter, b Cambridge

NB members of this family were at 2 Gothic Street in 1841


Edward Hutt, 25, shoemaker, b Cambridge

Jane Ann, 35, laundress, b Middlesex

NB this family were at 3 Gothic Street in 1861 and 1871


Rebecca Mann, 29, millers wife, b Great Gransden

George, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

NB although Rebecca is described as a wife, there is no husband listed


Charles Sheldrick, 39, labourer, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 28, b Ickleton

Edward, 3, scholar, b Cambridge

Charles, 8 months, b Cambridge

NB members of this family were at 23 Gothic Street in 1861 and 1871


Henry Clay, 52, stonemason, b Derbyshire

Mary, 42, b Cambridge

NB members of this family were at 6 Gothic Street in 1841


John Ludman, 38, college servant, b Impington

Sarah, 27, b Fenstanton

NB members of this family were at 7 Gothic Street in 1861 and 1871


James Dring, 66, tailor, b Cambridge

Ann, 65, b Cambridge

Michael, 26, tailor, b Cambridge

NB members of this family were at 8 Gothic Street in 1841, 1861 and 1871


Charles Lambert, 21, tailor, b Great Shelford

Ann, 21, b Cambridge


Mary Ann Farmer, 33, printers wife, b Haddenham

George, 7, b Cambridge

Caroline, 2, b Cambridge

NB although Mary Ann is described as a wife no husband is listed


Thomas Bilton, 52, college servant, b Cambridge

Sarah, 62, college servant, b Cambridge

Lucy, 27, college servant, b Cambridge

Ellen, 21, college servant, b Cambridge

Emma, 3, niece, b Cambridge

Emma S Allgood, 28, servant, b Kingston, Cambridgeshire

NB members of this family were at 11 Gothic Street in 1841, 1861 and 1871


Frederick Squires, 36, French polisher and upholsterer, b Bedfordshire

Martha, 25, b Suffolk

Henry C, 11 months, b Cambridge

Sarah Secker, 22, niece, carpenters daughter, b Suffolk


Susan Thorpe, 42, widow, laundress, b Cambridge

Thomas Holdsworth, 24, son, tailor, b Ipswich

Sarah Holdsworth, 20, daughter, b Cambridge

William Holdsworth, 10 months, grandson, b Cambridge

Jeremiah Hardy, 47, college servant, b Steeple Bumpstead, Essex

Caroline, 44, laundress, b Sussex

David, 14, scholar, b Cambridge

Henry W, 5, scholar, b Cambridge


John Sheldrick, 31, labourer, b Cambridge

Sarah, 35, b Coton

William, 9, b Cambridge

Sarah Ann, 7, b Cambridge

John, 5, b Cambridge

Louisa, 2, b Cambridge

Thomas, 6 months, b Cambridge

Susan Randell, 16, house servant, b Granchester

NB this family were at 17 Gothic Street in 1841 and 1861


Ezra Radford, 35, tailor, b Oakington

Elizabeth, 36, b Suffolk

Alfred, 6, b Cambridge

James, 2, b Cambridge

Daniel, 31, brother, carpenter, b Oakington


George Robinson, 37, butcher, b Cambridge

Jane, 33, b Shelford

Mary, 14, b Cambridge

Jane, 10, b Cambridge

George, 7, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 4, b Cambridge

Sarah, 1, b Cambridge


James Cooper, 36, gardener, b Shelford

Ann, 35, b Kent

John, 15, b Kent

Mary, 13, b Kent

Edward, 10, b Shelford

Frederick, 8, b Shelford

Charles, 6, b Shelford

Charlotte, 4, b Granchester

George, 1, b Granchester

NB this family were at 24 Gothic Street in 1861 and 1871


John Rumbelow, 46, cabinet maker, b Ely

Mary, 48, b Lincolnshire

William, 18, painter and grainer, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 16, b Cambridge

NB this family were at 4 Gothic Street I 1841


James Barron, 31, grocer, b Cambridge

Sophia A, 24, Bury St Edmunds

Sarah E, 7 months, b Cambridge

William B Cross, 16, servant, grocers apprentice, b Huntingdonshire


Edward Kittridge, 28, dispenser medicine, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 30, b Stapleford

Edward, 3, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 1, b Cambridge

John Palmer, 25, lodger, tailor, b Yorkshire


Thomas Clare, 41, picture frame maker, b Southwark, London

Lydia, 39, b Cambridge

Thomas, 11, b Cambridge

John, 6, b Cambridge

Sarah, 4, b Cambridge

Rachel, 4, b Cambridge

Charles, 1, b Cambridge

NB this family were at 22 Gothic Street in 1841


John Hasler, 35, cabinet maker, b Saffron Walden

Frances, 34, b Great Shelford

Maria, 6, b Cambridge

William, 3, b Cambridge

George, 1, b Cambridge

John Smith, 23, lodger, woodcarver, b Whitechapel, London

NB this family were at 21 Gothic Street in 1861 and 1871


Charles Foster, 36, labourer, b Cambridge

Thurza, 40, dressmaker, b Essex

Fredercik, 15, apprentice, b Cambridge


John Miller, 22, French polisher, b Cambridge

Mary Warren, 60, widow, aunt, b Warwickshire


Edward Shrubbs, 46, college servant, b Sussex

Charlotte, 35, b Cambridge

Emily C, 10, b Cambridge

Harriet E, 8, b Cambridge

Albert C, 3, b Cambridge

Martha M, 7 months, b Cambridge


(1): Richard Ripsher, 63, grocer, b Ickleton

Rebecca, 24, b Abington


(2): Jemima Prince, 27, widow, shopkeeper, b Little Walden, Essex


(3): Sarah Hutt, 61, widow, laundress, b Scotland

Edward, 35, shoemaker, b Cambridge

Jane Ann, 47, daughter-in-law, charwoman, b London


(4): Emanuel Lett, 32, groom, b Oxfordshire

Ann, 24, grooms wife, b Cambridge

Charlotte Ann, 7 months, b Cambridge


(5): Hannah Wooler, 27, formerly schoolmistress, b Surrey

Thomas Wooten Wooler, 5 months, b Cambridge

NB later in 1861 Hannah married Thomas Wooten, presumably Thomas’ father


(6): James Grist, 40, omnibus driver, b Cambridge

Susan, 49, b Hertfordshire

Harriet, 13, scholar, b Cambridge

William Webb, 20, lodger, servant, b Cherry Hinton


(7): Joh Ludman, 47, college servant, b Trumpington

Sarah, 35, b Huntingdon

Catherine Sarah, 8, scholar, b Cambridge


(8): Ann Dring, 77, widow, b Cambridge

Michael William, 38, tailor, b Cambridge

Sarah, 39, daughter-in-law, servant, b Cambridge

Mary Louisa, 6, granddaughter, b Cambridge

Willie, 6, grandson, b Cambridge

Albert Edward, 2, grandson, b Cambridge

James, 3 months, grandson, b Cambridge

Emily Loftus Bilton, 13, granddaughter, b Cambridge


(9): Mary Whitehead, 38, widow, laundress, b Meldreth

William, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Simon, 9 months, b Cambridge

James Gathercole, 52, lodger, bricklayer, b Cambridge


(10): William Brooks, 49, brewer, b Cambridge

Lucy, 49, schoolmistress, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Clara, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Edward Francis, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

John Joshua, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Emily Rose, 5, scholar, b Cambridge


(11): Thomas Bilton, 63, college servant, b Cambridge

Sarah, 70, servants wife, b Cambridge

Lucy Ann, 36, college servant, b Cambridge

Ellen Loftus, 26, college servant, b Cambridge


(12): John Thurgood, 50, maltster, b Bishops Stortford

Mary Ann, 36, college servant, b Exning

William, 19, maltster, b Newmarket

Eliza, 17, b Newmarket

Walter, 9, scholar, b Exning

Mary Ann, 5, scholar, b Balsham

Robert White, 20, nephew, maltster, b Exning

Eliza Dunn, 8, grandchild, visitor, b Linton


(13): Benjamin Hart, 61, brewer, b Granchester

Jane, 57, b Norfolk


(14): Meshack Adams, 33, fire man in iron foundry, b Trumpington

Ester, 32, dressmaker, b Granchester

William, 9, scholar, b Granchester

Eliza, 7, scholar, b Trumpington

Walter, 2, b Cambridge


(15): Martha Frances, 53, widow, laundress, b Cambridge


(16): William Gray, 29, fly driver, b Cambridge

Sophia, 33, college servant, b Cambridge

Emma, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

William, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Frederick, 3, scholar, b Cambridge

Sarah Ann, 1, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Shrimpton, 64, widow, wife’s mother, formerly laundress, b Suffolk


(17): John Shildrick, 42, labourer, b Cambridge

Sarah, 44, bedmaker, b Cambridge

William, 19, labourer, b Cambridge

Sarah Ann, 17, servant, b Cambridge

John, 15, pit shaft, b Cambridge

Louisa, 13, scholar, b Cambridge

Thomas, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Mary, 9, scholar, b Cambridge


(18): George Hyde, 31, fly driver, b Huntingdon

Ann, 33, fly drivers wife, b Swavesey

Frederick, 3, b Cambridge

Isabella, 1, b Cambridge


(19): Alfred Field, 47, tailor, b Stansted

Ann, 30, b Cambridge

Thomas James, 5, b Cambridge

Henry Alfred, 4, b Cambridge

Emma, 2, b Cambridge

Frederick Charles, 4 months, b Cambridge


(20): John Wilson, 39, groom, b Cambridge

Emma, 37, college servant, b Cambridge

Eliza Ann Overhill, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Cecelia Augusta, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Emily Emsby, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Edward George, 4, scholar, b Cambridge


(21): John Hasler, 45, cabinet maker, b Saffron Walden

Frances, 44, b Great Shelford

William, 13, shop lad, b Cambridge

George, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Sarah 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Frances, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Frederick, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Emily, 2, scholar, b Cambridge


(22): James Sell, 35, gardener, b Cambridge

Mary, 39, b Boxworth

William, 4, scholar, b Cambridge

Alexander Edgely, 7, boarder, scholar, b Scotland

Richard Franks, 22, lodger, gardener, b Histon


(23): Charles Sheldrick, 39, labourer, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 38, b Ickleton

Edward, 14, b Cambridge

Charles, 10, b Cambridge

George, 7, b Cambridge

Sarah Ann, 5, b Cambridge

Emily Kate, 2, b Cambridge


(24): James Cooper, 45, gardener, b Shelford

Ann, 44, gardeners wife, b Kent

Mary Ann, 21, dressmaker, b Kent

Edward, 19, baker, b Shelford

Frederick, 16, errand boy, b Shelford

Charlotte, 14, scholar, b Shelford

George, 14, scholar, b Shelford


(25): George Fenner, 62, labourer on the E C railway, b Cambridge

Sarah, 61, labourers wife, b Tipperary, Ireland

Sarah Gathercole, 24, daughter, needlewoman, b Cambridge

James Gathercole, 20, son, printer compositor, b Cambridge

George Gathercole, 5, grandson, b Cambridge

Emma Gathercole, 4, granddaughter, b Cambridge


(26): James Hart, 27, brewer, b Granchester

Mary Ann, 26, laundress, b Cambridge

William James, 1, b Cambridge

Sarah Johnson, 65, widow, head of separate household, needlewoman, b Suffolk


(1): Cornelius Ellis Hayden, 29, journeyman carpenter and grocer, b Thriplow

Lucy, 33, carpenters wife, b Essex

Lucy Maria, b Cambridge

Maud Mary, 2, b Cambridge

Alice Jane, 2 months, b Cambridge

Sylvesta Eleanor, 23, sister, assistant in brothers shop, b Thriplow

Josiah, 22, brother, carpenter out of employment, b Thriplow


(2): Ann Pinner, 50, owner of small sweetshop, b Great Shelford

Annie Pinner, 18, niece, assistant in sweetshop, b London


(3): Edward Hutt, 45, shoemaker/master, b Cambridge

Jane Ann, 57, wife of shoemaker, b Middlesex

Sarah, 72, widow, mother, formerly laundress, b Scotland


(4): Harriet Hunt, 46, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Caroline Eliza, 41, sister, dressmaker, b Cambridge


(5): William Henry Hunt, 36, solicitors clerk general, b Cambridge

Georgina, 30, solicitors clerks wife, b Norfolk

Henry James, 5, scholar, b Cambridge


(6): Mark White, 46, butler domestic servant, b Cambridge

Jane Prior White, 51, b Granchester

George Williams, 26, lodger, tailor journeyman, b Norfolk


(7): Sarah Ludman, 43, widow, college servant, b Fenstanton


(8): Michael Dring, 48, tailor master, b Cambridge

Sarah, 49, b Cambridge

Mary, 16, general servant out of employment, b Cambridge

William, 14, tailors errand boy, b Cambridge

Edward, 13, tobacconists errand boy, b Cambridge

James, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Thomas, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Frederick, 4, scholar, b Cambridge


(9): John Beasly, 39, bricklayers labourer, b Huntingdonshire

Mary, 49, b Meldreth

William Whitehead, 16, stepson, bricklayers labourer, b Cambridge

Symond Whitehead, 11, stepson, scholar, b Cambridge


(10): Josiah Rawlinson, 34, general domestic servant in gentleman’s family, b Pampisford

Ellen, 36, b Dry Drayton

James, 6, scholar, b Trumpington

Elizabeth, 4, scholar, b Trumpington

William, 1, b Cambridge

Joseph Summerlee, 32, boarder, agricultural labourer, b Littleport


(11): Sarah Bilton, 85, widow, formerly college servant, pensioner, b Cambridge

Lucy Ann, 48, helper to her mother, b Cambridge


(12): Ann Adams, 78, widow, supported by charity, b Milton

Ann Smith, 12, granddaughter, supported by charity, b Cambridge

Eliza Smith, 11, granddaughter, supported by charity, b Cambridge

Edward Smith, 9, grandson, scholar, b Cambridge


(13): Daniel Whitmore, 62, journeyman gardener, b Herefordshire

Sophia, 50, b Essex


(14): Meshack Adams, 43, brewers drayman, b Trumpington

Ester, 43, b Granchester

William, 19, journeyman painter, b Granchester

Walter, 12, gentleman’s errand boy, b Cambridge

Arthur, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Robert, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

Alice, 3 months, b Cambridge

Henry Thomas, 21, lodger, gasfitter, b East London


(15): Edward Cooper, 30, gardener, b Little Shelford

Martha, 30, gardeners wife, b Cambridge

Ellen, 1, b Cambridge


!16):  Sophia Gray, 44, college bedmaker out of employment, b Cambridge

William, 16, groom at livery stables, b Cambridge

Sarah Ann, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Henry, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Arthur, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Kempton, 73, widow, mother-in-law, supported  y parish, b Norfolk

NB head of family at work in London


(17): Robert Kirkup, 69, widower, journeyman shoemaker, b Cambridge

Ann, 40, daughter, housekeeper, b Cambridge

Mary Ward Bilton, 19, lodger, straw bonnet maker, b Waterbeach


(18): George Hyde, 41, hostler, b Huntingdonshire

Ann, 43, hostler’s wife, b Swavesey

Frederick, 13, hostler, b Cambridge

Isabella, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Sarah Ann, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Kate, 6, scholar, b Cambridge


(19): George Mills Buck, 32, hair porter, b Willingham Green

Elizabeth, 25, b Borough End

Minnie Newman, 11, boarder, milliners errand girl, b Cambridge

James Wolfe, 21, lodger, railway engine cleaner, b Warwick


(20): Sophia Clarke, 48, widow, college servant/bedmakers helper, b Kent

Frederick Lancely Clarke, 16, solicitors clerk, b Cambridge

Henry Arthur Clarke, 14, booksellers errand boy, b Cambridge

Agnes Lucy Clarke, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Clara Sophia, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

William George, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

Sophia Lancely, 85, mother, formerly cook, b Kent


(21): John Hasler, 55, cabinet maker, b Saffron Walden

Frances, 50, b Great Shelford

Sarah, 20, domestic servant home for holiday, b Cambridge

Frederick, 16, drapers porter, b Cambridge

Emily, 12, scholar, b Cambridge


(22): James Sell, 45, college gardener, b Cambridge

Mary, 50, gardeners wife, b Boxworth

William, 14, printer – reading boy, b Cambridge


(23): Charles Sheldrick, 49, railway engine fitter, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 48, b Ickleton

Sarah, 15, scholar, b Cambridge

Charles, 18, gardener out of employment, b Cambridge

George, 16, printer pressman, b Cambridge

Emily, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Alice, 6, scholar, b Cambridge


(24): James Cooper, 58, gardener, b Little Shelford

Ann, 50, laundress, b Kent

Mary Ann, 28, servant/domestic/sleep at home, b Cambridge

Charlotte, 25, servant/domestic out of employment, b Cambridge

George, 21, wine porter, b Cambridge

Emily Cooper, 2, visitor, b Cambridge


(25): George Fenner, 72, railway clerk, b Cambridge

Sarah, 71, b Ireland

Sarah Johnson, 75, widow, lodger, supported by parish, b Newmarket

NB in 1861 was lodger at No 26

Mary Ann Brown, 38, widow, lodger, laundress, b Mildenhall

Eliza Brown, 6, lodgers daughter, b Mildenhall


(26): Mary Ann Hart, 38, widow, laundress, b Cambridge

William, 11, errand boy, b Cambridge

Sarah, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Margaret Thomson, 29, lodger, domestic servant out of employment, b Scotland

NB stated as ‘married’ but no husband listed

James Burrell, 28, lodger, journeyman tailor, b Cumberland


(1): Jabey Taylor, 54, shoemaker, b Norfolk

Lydia, 48, club college servant, b Dry Drayton

Alice Webb, 21, daughter, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Amelia Webb, 19, daughter, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Gothic Street, 1881

(1): Cornelius E Hayden, 39, carpenter, b Thriplow

Lucy, 41, carpenters wife, b Essex

Lucy M, 14, dressmakers apprentice, b Cambridge

Maud M, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Alice I, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Grace E, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Rose L, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Joseph E, 2, b Cambridge

(2): James Warne, 64, gardener, b Suffolk

Eliza, 55, gardeners wife, b Histon

(3): Alfred Chapman, 36, coachman, b Suffolk

Mary A, 35, b Norfolk

Alfred, 14, stablelad, b Norfolk

James, 14, houseboy, b Norfolk

Blanche M, 8, scholar, b Essex

Alice, 3, b Bury St Edmunds

(4): Henry Hudson, 52, butler, b Northamptonshire

Mary I, 44, b Leicestershire

(5): William H Hunt, 46, solicitors clerk, b Cambridge

Georgina, 40, b Norfolk

Henry J, 15, domestic servant, b Cambridge

Florence, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

George Holmes, 18, boarder, domestic servant, b Bury St Edmunds

(6): John Bradford, 60, coachman, b Fulbourn

Mary, 51, b Bottisham

Frederick G Wallis, 22, lodger, carpenter, b Thriplow

(7): James Hart, 23, gardener, b Saffron Walden

Eliza, 25, gardeners wife, b Saffron Walden

Arthur Edward, 1, b Saffron Walden

James Childs, 20, lodger, baker and confectioner, b Surrey

(8): Michael Dring, 58, tailor, b Cambridge

Sarah 59, b Cambridge

Thomas, 15, tailor, b Cambridge

Frederick, 15, errand boy, b Cambridge

Edward, 20, b Cambridge. Described as ‘cripple’ and partially blind.  In 1871 he was a tobacconists errand boy with no disability mentioned.  He is not found living with his family on later census and in 1939 is at an address in Wisbech, called an institution, actually the old Wisbech workhouse.

(9): John Beasley, 48, labourer, b Huntingdonshire

Mary, 61, b Meldreth

Simon, 20, labourer, b Cambridge

(10): Josiah Rawlinson, 45, gardener, b Pampisford

E(llen) Rawlinson, 46, b Dry Drayton

Elizabeth, 14, dressmaker, b Trumpington

William, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

(11): William Green, 20, bricklayer, b Bishops Stortford

Anne, 25, b Essex

Ada, 3, b Leicestershire,

Alice, 1, b Cambridge

(12): Thomas B Hames, 33, stonemason, b Cambridge

Emily J, 31, b Granchester

Emily H, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

(13): Barnet Brewster, 33, steam wood sawyer, b Ely

Susan H, 32, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Annie R, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Sarah A, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Alice M, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

William J, 1, b Cambridge

(14): James English, 33, curator anatomical museum, b Epping

Eliza, 39, b Cambridge

Bertha, 4, b Cambridge

Horace, 3, b Cambridge

James, 1, b Cambridge

(15): Emma Hills, 45, widow, formerly needlewoman, b Cambridge

William M, 17, assistant ironmonger, b Cambridge

Alice C, 14, pupil teacher, b Cambridge

(16): Richard Miller, 26, ironmongers porter, b London

Emily, 30

Arthur G, 7 months, b Cambridge

(17): Elizabeth Alsop, 47, blacksmiths wife (but no husband present at the address)

Kate, 19, cook (out of place), b Bury St Edmunds

(18): Ann Hyde, 52. Widow, charwoman, b Swavesey

Frederick, 23, cab driver, b Cambridge

Kate, 14, b Cambridge

Sarah Kester, 75, widow, grandmother, b Swavesey

(19): Alfred F Haggis, 28, grocers porter, b Trumpington

Elizabeth, 43, b Bourn

Emma E, 7 scholar, b Cambridge

Herbert W, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

John Luke, 23, lodger, bricklayer, b Liverpool

(20): Sophia Clarke, 51, widow, college bedmaker, b Kent

Herbert A, 24, hatters assistant, b Cambridge

Agnes Lucy, 22, b Cambridge

William G, 16, engineers shop boy, b Cambridge

(21): George Hardwick, 21, gardener, b Fulbourn

Rachel, 20, b Teversham

Ellen K, 2 months, b Teversham

(22): William G Sadler, 28, college servant, b Cherry Hinton

Mary Ann, 32, b Waterbeach

Herbert G, 4, b Cherry Hinton

Reginald C, 4, b Cherry Hinton

William H, 1, b Cherry Hinton

(23): Charles Sheldrick, 59, railway servant, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 58, b Ickleton

Charles, 30, labourer, b Cambridge

George, 17, labourer, b Cambridge

Alice, 16, b Cambridge

(24): James Cooper, 65, gardener, b Great Shelford

Ann, 64, b Kent

Charlotte, 33, domestic servant, b Little Shelford

Emily, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Charles, F Mayfield, 19, boarder, carpenter, b Cambridge

(25): William Spicer, 22, tram car driver, b Bottisham

Fanny L, 23, b Staffordshire

Martha E, 1, b Cambridge

Rachel, 80, widow, mother, labourers wife, b Horseheath

(26): Isaac Haslop, 17, gardener, b Trumpington

Ruth, 16, sister, general domestic servant, b Trumpington

Horace V, 9, brother, scholar, b Coton

Harry A F , 5, brother, scholar, b Cambridge

Hester Neaves, 76, widow, grandmother, housekeeper, b Comberton

Thomas Watson, 18, lodger, groom, b Great Eversden


(1): Jabey Taylor, 54, shoemaker, b Norfolk

Lydia, 48, club college servant, b Dry Drayton

Alice Webb, 21, daughter, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Amelia Webb, 19, daughter, dressmaker, b Cambridge

(2): James Warne, 74, gardener, b Norfolk

Eliza, 67, b Histon

(3): Thomas Harrison, 51, commission agent, b Kent

Eliza, 53, b Uxbridge, Middlesex

Charles, 20, commission agent, b London

(4): Harry Alderton, 37, labourer, b Cambridge

Emily, 38, charwoman, b Bourn

Harry, 13, Pitt and Press assistant, b Cambridge

Walter, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Horace, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Frederick, 3, b Cambridge

Emily, 1, b Cambridge

(5): Unoccupied

(6): John Bradford, 70, coachman, b Fulbourn

Mary, 60, b Bottisham

Joseph Banstead, 36, lodger, gardener, b Waterbeach

(7): Ann Hyde, widow, day servant at Leys School, b Swavesey

Frederick, 34, cabman, b Cambridge

(8): Michael Dring, 69, tailor, b Cambridge

Sarah, 70, b Cambridge

William, 33, labourer, b Cambridge

James, 29, labourer, b Cambridge

Frederick, 23, labourer, b Cambridge

(9): John Beasley, 58, bricklayers labourer, b Buckden, Hunts

Mary, 72, b Meldreth

Simon Whitehead, 32, bricklayers labourer, b Cambridge

Alfred J Knight, 20, lodger, groom, b Duxford

(10): Fanny Marshall, 43, widow, college servant, b Comberton

Minnie, 21, servant, b Comberton

Edwin, 17, boot closers apprentice, b Comberton

Alexander Holloway, 19, lodger, clerk, b London

(11): Alfred Leach, 22, shoemaker, b Cambridge

Edith M Leach, 22, b Norfolk

(12): James Whitby, 42, bricklayers labourer, b Croydon, Cambridgeshire

Charlotte, 38, b Cambridge

George, 17, museum assistant, b Croydon, Cambridgeshire

Ada, 13, b Croydon, Cambridgeshire

Florence, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Ellen, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Lottie, 3, b Cambridge

William 1, b Cambridge

(13): Susan Brewster, 43, widow, charwoman, b Cambridge

Alice M, 15, dairy assistant, b Cambridge

Harriet J, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

(14): John Crick, 45, carpenter, b Kirtling, Cambridgeshire

Mary, 44, b Cheveley, Cambridgeshire

Emma, 17, general servant, b Cambridge

Maud, 15, general servant, b Cambridge

Herbert, 13, grocers assistant, b Cambridge

Louisa, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Florence, 19, scholar, b Cambridge

Alfred, 2, b Cambridge

(15): Charles Sell, 50, widower, under butler and waiter, b Cambridge

(16): William Rigarlsford, 42, bricklayers labourer, b Chelsea, London

Mary, 39, b Cambridge

Kate, b London

William, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

(17): Charles Gibson, 24, cab proprietor, b Cambridge

Mary, 27, b Meldreth

Elizabeth, 1, b Cambridge

Ellen Clark, 20, visitor, general servant, b Meldreth

(18): John Cowell, 57, general labourer, b Essex

Rosella, 58, b Essex

Thomas Merriman, 25, boarder, professional cricketer, b Derbyshire

(19): Alfred Fuller, 48, grocers porter, b Trumpington

Elizabeth, 52, b Bourn

Emma, 17, general servant, b Cambridge

Herbert, 15, errand boy, b Cambridge

(20): Sophia Clark, 63, living on own means, b Kent

Henry Arthur, 34, hatter, b Cambridge

Clara Sophia, 30, plain needle worker, b Cambridge

Lilian, 7, granddaughter, scholar, b Cambridge

(21): George Hardwick, 31, gardener, b Fulbourn

Rachel, 31, b Teversham

Rachel, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Elsie, 6 Scholar, b Cambridge

Sidney James, 3, b Cambridge

Alice Maud, 2, b Cambridge

Bessie, 3months, b Cambridge

Sidney Wolfe, 12, lodger, scholar, b Quy

(22): Noah Frisby, 39, artist in oil and water colour, b Saffron Walden

Elizabeth, 46, dressmaker, b Swavesey

Ethel Mary, 4, b Cambridge

William Edward Radford, 21, lodger, caretaker at Leys School, b Cambridge

(23): Charles Sheldrick, 69, general labourer, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 68, b Ickleton

Charles, 40, general labourer, b Cambridge

Alice, 26, b Cambridge

(24): Henry Hudson, 62, butler, b Northants

Mary J 58, b Leicestershire

(25): William Spicer, 42, coachman, b Bottisham

Fanny L, 33, b Staffordshire

Rachel, 90, widow, mother, b Hardwick

Martha E, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Caroline M, 2, b Cambridge

(26): Frederick Henry Papworth, 28, fishmonger, b Cambridge

Harriet J, 31, b Cambridge

Alice Townsend, 64, widow, mother-in-law, tailoress, b Cambridge


(1): Lydia Taylor, widow, grocer

Amelia Webb, daughter, 29, dressmaker, b Cambridge

John Fardle, boarder, 24, railway engine fireman, b Herts

Arthur Jolley, boarder, 24, railway engine fireman,

(2): Harry Fayers, 46, bricklayer


Alice, 17, b Cambridge

Agnes, 14, b Cambridge


(3): Charles Thurlow, 36, warehouseman, b Cambridge [in 1911 name of head is George Frederick Thurlow, other family the same]

Alice, 27, b Cambridge

Daisy, 7, b Cambridge

Nellie, 3, b Cambridge

Emily, 1, b Cambridge

Alice, 5, b Cambridge

William Stokes, boarder, 21, labourer, b Cambridge

(4): Thomas Dickerson, 43, painter, b Cambridge

Jane, 41, b Ireland

Thomas, 15, errand boy, b Kent

Ethel, 13, b Cambridge

Winifred, 12, b Cambridge

Edward, 2, b Cambridge

Gertrude, 7, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 5, b Cambridge

(5): Harry Thorogood, 37, cab driver, b Essex

Gillah, wife, 50, college bedmaker, b Suffolk

Harry, 17, butcher,  b Essex

Lillie, 21, b Essex

(6): Mary Bradford, widow, 70, living on own means, b Bottisham

Elizabeth Johnson, widow, 77, living on own means, b Bottisham

Herbert Russell, lodger, 20, bookmaker [?], b Essex

(7): Anne Hyde, widow, 72, b Swavesey

William Bradford, nephew, 31, painter, b Cambridge

(8): Mary Crick, widow, 50, b Newmarket

Henry, 23, painter, b Cambridge

Alfred, 12, b Cambridge

Arthur Wallis, boarder, 29, cab driver, b Cambridge

(9): George Wayman, 28, builders carman, b Cambs

Emma, 26, b Cambridge

Hartley, 3, b Cambridge

Jack, 1, b Grantchester

(10): Robert E Coleman, 37, coachman,  b Cambridge

Sophy F, 25, b Trumpington

Winifred A, 4,  b Cambridge

Reginald A, 2, b Trumpington

Alfred C, 5 mos,  b Cambridge

(11) Alfred Leach, 32, shoemaker, b Cambridge

William J, 9, b Cambridge

Alfred, 8, b Cambridge

Leonard, 6, b Cambridge

Robert, brother, 23, drapers assistant,  b Cambridge

Ada Ruse, visitor, 22, housemaid,  b Cambridge

(12) James Whitby, 52, labourer, b Cambs

Charlotte, 48,  b Cambridge

Lottie, 13, b Cambridge

William, 11, b Cambridge

(13) Sarah Freeman, widow, 84, living on own means, b Surrey

(14) William Sparks, 39, fly driver, b Coton

Caroline M, 32, b London

Reginald, 10, b Cambridge

Percy, 7, b Cambridge

(15) Hannah Machin, widow, 77, retired lodging house keeper,  b Cambridge

(16) Harry Constable, 33, painter, b Haslingfield

Kate, 30, b Harston

Dorothy, 6, b Cambridge

Frank, 4, b Cambridge

Nellie, 1, b Cambridge

Walter, 22, painter, b Haslingfield

William Hayward, 23, painter, b Harston

(17) Annie L Wilson, widow, 33, laundress, b Cambridge

Frank J, 12, b Cambridge

Lilian M, 10, b Cambridge

Emily E, 7, b Cambridge

(18) Louisa Samworth, 42, college bedmaker, b Chelsea

Dora, 17, b Cambridge

Lillian, 14, b Cambridge

(19) Alfred H Haggis, 50, porter at sweet factory, b Trumpington

Elizabeth, 62, b Bourn

Herbert W, 25, oil and colour man’s porter, b Cambridge

(20) Henry Clark, 44, hatters assistant, b Cambridge

Lillian, niece, 7, milliner, b Cambridge

(21) George Hardwick, 42, gardener, b Fulbourn

Rachel, 40, b Teversham

Alice M, 12,  b Cambridge

Bessie, 10, b Cambridge

Margaret M, 4, b Cambridge

Winifred K, 3, b Cambridge

Audrey V, 11 mos, b Cambridge

(22) William Clements, son, 6, b Ickleton

Robert Clements, son, 5,  b Cambridge

Mary Clements, 3, daughter,  b Cambridge

Charlotte Fairey, visitor, nurse, 25, b Yorks

Franks Stubbings, 22, gardener

(23) Charles Sheldrick, widower, 79, former fitter, b Cambridge

Charles, 45, labourer and night watchman,  b Cambridge

Alice, 36, housekeeper

(24) Mary J Hudson, widow, 64, living on own means, b Leics

Ada Brown, niece, 26, parlourmaid, b Leics

(25) William Spicer, 52, coachman, b Bottisham

Fanny L, 43, b Stafford

Bessie, 21, dressmaker,  b Cambridge

Queenie, 12,  b Cambridge

(26) Noah Frisby, 48, college dining hall carver, b Essex

Elizabeth, 54, b Cambs

Ethel M, 14,  b Cambridge

David Frisby, boarder, widower, living on own means,  b Cambridge


(1): Mrs Lydia Taylor, 68, grocer, b Dry Drayton

Arthur Jolley, boarder, 34, GER railway engine stoker, b Essex

(2): Harry Fayers, 56, bricklayer, b Suffolk

Ellen, 52, b Suffolk

Tom, 20, deaf from 1901, b Cambridge

Christina, 16,  b Cambridge

Jack, 10,   b Cambridge

Percy, 3,  b Cambridge

(3) George Frederick Thurlow, 46, carman draper and furniture, b Cambridge [in 1901 head is Charles Thurlow with same family members]

Alice, 36,  b Cambridge

Alice, 15, servant, b Cambridge

Nelly, 13, b Cambridge

Dorothy, 11, b Cambridge

Lilly, 3, b Cambridge

Charles Ronald George, 1 mos, b Cambridge

(4) William Edward Radford, 41, house painter, b Cambridge

Emma Matilda, 37, part time charwoman,  b Cambridge

Maud Louisa, 5,  b Cambridge

Alfred William, 3, b Cambridge

(5): Florence Cockerton, 48, private means, b Cambridge

Richard Cockerton, 15, apprentice outfitter, b Surrey

Hugh Aubrey Cockerton, 11, b Surrey

[Hugh Aubrey Cockerton joined the Cambridgeshire Regiment. He died of wounds suffered in October 1916 at the Battle of the Somme.]

See Mill Road Cemetery entry

Phyllis Cockerton, 9, b Surrey

Florence Cockerton (née Robinson) (1863-1917) had been married to John R R Cockerton, a butcher. The couple had married in Cambridge but then lived in Norwood, Surrey. After John’s death in 1906 Florence and her children moved back to Cambridge.

See Mill Road Cemetery entry

[Another son, John Richard William Cockerton (1891-1914) also died in World War One. He had joined the Bedfordshire Regiment before the war. He was killed in action in France on 9th November 1914.]

See Mill Road Cemetery entry

(6): Mary Bradford, 82, widow, private means, b Bottisham

(7): Elizabeth Haggis, 73, widow, old age pensioner, b Bourn

(8): Mary Crick, 65, widow, b Newmarket

Alfred Walter, visitor, 46, cab driver, b Cambridge

(9): Ellington Thomas Overhill, 47, bootmaker, b Haverhill

Henry, 15, boot repairer, b Cambridge

Percy, 10, b Cambridge

Jack, 8, b Cambridge

(10) William Thomas Hiner, 42, carman, b Bottisham

Sarah Ann, 48, b Cambridge

Reynolds William, 13, b Chesterton

Dorothy Elizabeth, 10, b Chesterton

Hilda, 7, b Chesterton

Edwin William Elborn, nephew, 17, compositor apprentice, b Cambridge

(11) Charles Holmes, 26, brewers engineer, b Essex

Thirza, 22, b Cambridge

(12) William Wonfor, 38, brewers drayman, b Cambs

Mary Ann, 42, b Balsham

Cecil Stanley, 20, drawers assistant, b Longstanton

Henrietta Elizabeth, 17, working at home, b Longstanton

John William, 12, b Balsham

(13) George Walter Kitson, 37, cabinet maker, b Cambridge

Sarah Matilda, 33,  b Cambridge

Dorothy Elizabeth, 16, b Cambridge

Elsie May, 14, servant, b Cambridge

Albert Edward, 12, b Cambridge

Rose Agnes, 9, b Cambridge

Alice Beatrice, 6, b Cambridge

Nora Joyce, 3, b Cambridge

William Lionel, 1, b Cambridge

(14) William Sparks, 50, fly driver, b Coton

Caroline, 40, b London

Reginald, 20, florists salesman,  b Cambridge

Ernest, 9, b Cambridge

(15) James Luke Rollings, 46, horse traveller, b Waterbeach

Ann Hown Rollings, 38, work at home, b Cambs

William Wayman, son, 14, butcher errand boy, b Newnham

Robert Wayman, 10, b Cambridge

Edward John Rollings, 8, b Cambridge

James Luke Rollings, 7, b Cambridge

Margery Annie Rollings, 2, b Surrey

Charles Hown Rollings, son, 10 mos, b Cambs

(16) Walter Scales, 40, paperhanger, b London

Elizabeth M A Scales, 39, college bedmaker, b Norwich

Emma E, 17, mothers help, b Norwich

Lily A, 10, b Norwich

(17) Annie L Wilson, 44, widow, laundress, b Cambridge

Frank J, 22, labourer, b Cambridge

Emily C, 17, servant, b Cambridge

Violet, 3, b Cambridge

(18) Samuel Michel, 36, painter, b Cambridge

Sarah, 36,  b Cambridge

Samuel, 17, butchers assistant, b Cambridge

Ethel, 14, b Cambridge

Bertram, 9, b Cambridge

Dorothy, 7, b Cambridge

Lily, 5, b Cambridge

Arthur, 3, b Cambridge

Leslie, 10 mos, b Cambridge

(19) George Robert Wayman, 37, builders carman, b Cambs

Emma Elizabeth, 36, b Grantchester

Harriet Esther, 13, b Cambridge

Bertram John Robert, 11,  b Cambridge

Amy Elizabeth, 8,  b Cambridge

George Alfred Stanley, 4, b Bishop Stortford

Bernard Leonard, 1,  b Cambridge

(20 Henry Arthur Clarke, 54, hatters assistant, b Cambridge

Lillian Catherine, niece, 27, milliner, b Cambridge

(21) George Hardwick, 52, college gardener, b Fulbourn

Rachel, 51, b Teversham

Esther, 30, cook,  b Cambridge

Elsie, 26,  b Cambridge

Bessie, 20, servant,  b Cambridge

Margaret M, 14, day girl, b Cambridge

Winifred Kate, 13, b Cambridge

Audrey Vesta, 10, b Cambridge

Sylvia Winifred, 4, b Cambridge

(22) James Clements, 47, labourer, b Essex

Jane, 45, jam factory, b Yorks

William, 16, bootmaker errand boy, b Cambs

Robert, 15, bootmaker errand boy,  b Cambridge

Mary, 13,  b Cambridge

Harry, 10, b Cambridge

Nellie, 9, b Cambridge

Harold, 7, b Cambridge

Edward, 5, b Cambridge

(23) Rebbeca Sheldrick, 88, widow, b Cambs

Charles, 61, gardener, b Cambridge

(24) Mary Jane Hudson, 74, widow, old age pensioner, b Leics

(25) William Spicer, 60, coachman, b Bottisham

Queenie, 22, shorthand typist, b Cambridge

(26) see 23 Brookside


East Side

  1. Mrs Taylor, shopkeeper
  2. Harry Fayers, labourer
  3. Charles F Thurlow, labourer
  4. William Edward Radford, painter
  5. Mrs F Cockerton
  6. Mrs M Bradford
  7. Mrs Fuller
  8. Mrs Crick
  9. Thomas Overhill, bookmaker
  10. William Hyner, labourer
  11. James Whitley, corporation servant
  12. William Wonfer, carman
  13. James Kitson, labourer

West Side

14. William Sparks

15. Luke Rollings, labourer

16. Walter Scales, painter

17. Mrs A Wilson

18. Samuel John Michael. labourer

19. I Wayman, labourer

20. Henry A Clark, hatter

21. George Hardwicke, gardener

22. James Clements, waiter

23. Charles Sheldrick, railway servant GER

24. Mrs Mary Jane Hudson

25. William Spicer, coachman

26. Noah Frisby, artist

Charles Edwin Patten: Private 16814, 11th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 20 September 1916. Aged 31. Born Cherry Hinton, enlisted Cambridge. Husband of E. M. Patten, of 3, Gothic St., Brookside, Cambridge. In the 1911 census he was aged 26, the husband of Emily, father of two daughters and twin sons, a bricklayer, born Cherry Hinton, resident Laundry Cottages, Cherry Hinton. Buried in RATION FARM MILITARY CEMETERY, LA CHAPELLE-D’ARMENTIERES, Nord, France. Plot II. Row B. Grave 17. See also Cambridge Guildhall and Cherry Hinton (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

Hugh Aubrey Cockerton: Private 2991, 1/1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died of wounds 2nd October 1916. Aged 17. Enlisted Cambridge. Son of the late John and Florence Holly Cockerton [5 Gothic Street]  Buried in Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1, Plot IV. Row F. Grave 15. See also Cambridge Guildhall and Cambridge St Mary the Less (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

Cecil Stanley Wonfor: Private 19224, 1st Battalion, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Killed in action 4th October 1917. Aged 26. Born Longstanton, enlisted Cambridge. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Wonfor, of 12, Gothic St., Cambridge. No known grave. Commemorated on TYNE COT MEMORIAL, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Panel 80 to 82 and 163A. See also Cambridge Guildhall (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

Albert Edward Bloy: Private, 35565, 1st/4th Battalion, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Killed in action 9th April 1918. Aged 24. Formerly 30747, Suffolk Regiment. Born and enlisted Cambridge. Son of Frederick Bloy; husband of Mrs. D. E. Wright (formerly Bloy), 19, Gothic Street, Brookside, Cambridge. Buried in Vielle-Chapelle New Military Cemetery, Lacouture, Plot III. Row F. Grave 18. See also Cambridge Guildhall (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)


(1): Arthur G Morris, b 1900, baker

Joyce, b 1910, unpaid domestic duties

1 closed record

(2): Ernest Moden, b 1894, railway porter

Phoebe, b 1895, housewife

Edgar G Bullen, b 1899, Anti-Aircraft

1 closed record

(3): Arthur C Woodley, b 1916, catering restaurant chef

Elizabeth, b 1913, unpaid housewife duties

Bridget Mahoney (Hills)b 1919, restaurant waitress

1 closed record

(4): Emma M Radford b 1873, unpaid domestic duties

Alfred, b 1908,  storekeeper at radio works and member of work First Aid squad

(5): Alexander Hannah, b 1895, newsvendor

Harriet Crook, b 1915, housekeeper

Margaret Crook (Hattley), b 1925, seeking employment

(6): Allen H Phillips, b 1878, French polisher and army reserves

Ethel O, b 1888, domestic

(7): James Stanford, b 1868, retired

Elizabeth, b 1875

(8): Leslie H Chapman, b 1891, engineering department post office

Caroline M, b 1892, college bedmaker, retired through ill-health

(9): Hilda Parsons (Jones), b 1906, cardboard box maker and laundry work

George Jones, b 1897, salesman canvasser

1 closed record

NB. Hilda and George married in 1940

(10): Thomas W Hines, b 1869, retired gardener

Sarah, b 1863, unpaid domestic duties

Alexander L Smart, b 1870, odd job labourer

Bill Hines and his wife were visited 5.10.1940 by Jack Overhill the diarist during an air raid on Cambridge.

(11): unoccupied

(12): Mary A Wanfor, b 1867, unpaid domestic duties

Jack Overhill went to visit Mrs Wonfor 29.9.1942 to take a pair of shoes he had mended.

(13): unoccupied

(14): unoccupied

(15): 2 closed records only

(16): Ellen R Allen, b 1881, unpaid housework

Arthur C Hull, b 1916, electrician

I closed record

(17): John Moy, b 1914, cattle lorry driver

(18): unoccupied

(19): unoccupied

(20): unoccupied

(21): George S Strange, b 1908, fruit salesman

Hilda M, b 1912, nil

(22): Albert Sherman, b 1908, hotel chef

Edith, b 1894, housewife

(23): Arthur G Clark, b 1907, gas mask assembler

Rose E C Clark (Walters), b 1914, unpaid domestic duties

Arthur G Clark, b 1934, under school age

2 closed records

(24): Nellie Hooks, b 1903, Queens College servant

Walter Smith, b 1914, cook at infirmary

1 closed record

(25): nothing recorded

(26): nothing recorded


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