Capturing Cambridge
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10 (5) Norwich Street

History of 10 Norwich Street



Susan Clarence, 76, married, wife of Charles Clarance of Takely Essex, b Cambridge

Ann Hines, visitor, 47, charwoman, b Cambs

Ellen Louisa Backler, servant, 13, b Cambridge

Clara Jane Backler, visitor, 9, b Cambridge



Thomas Gould, 30, manager of refreshment rooms, b Somerset

Emma Gould, 32, b Bristol

Elizabeth Lockstone, mother in law, widow, 54, b Somerset



Emma R Ripley, 41, widow, lodging house keeper, b Cambridge

Helen G, 22, daughter, b Cambridge

William, 31, brother, jeweller, b Cambridge

John O’Sullivan, lodger, 31, Inland Revenue Office 2nd class, b Ireland



George Pope, 38, joiner, b Littleport

Eliza, 35, b Littleport

Gerald J, 7, b Cambridge

Percy G, 4, b Cambridge

Wilfred L, 9 mos, b Cambridge

Beatrice V, 13, b Littleport

Clara E Sandbach, niece, 21, dressmaker, b Littleport

Robert W Ferguson, 26, ??? methodist ???, b Birmingham


Ernest Edwin Kinzie, 31, domestic gardener, b Fowlmere

Esther Emily, 37, b Cambridge


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