Capturing Cambridge
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The Gyp Varsity cartoon by H A Moden

101 (40) Norwich Street

History of 101 Norwich Street



William Daisley, 28, coachman, b Gamlingay

Mary A, 32, b Hauxton

Ann E, 9, b Whittlesford

Eleanor, 2, b Cambridge

Francis R B Bishopp, lodger, 22, medical student, b London



Charles S Marshall, 54, waiter, b Trumpington

Ellen Marshall, 55, b Grantchester

Herbert Rider, lodger, 24, gardener, b Essex

Emma Hawkins, lodger, 49, living on own means, b Essex

Abraham martin, lodger, 48, auctioneer, b London

Solomon Martin, lodger, 18, traveller, b London



Harry Jeeves, college servant

Emily, bedmaker



Julia Foster, servant, 14, b Preston Heath?


Harry Jeeves, 48, college gyp, b Beds

Emily Kate, 47, b Notts

Harry Ethelbert, 21, grocer’s assistant, b Cambridge

Hellen Mary Gladys, 19, assist at home,  b Cambridge

Ethel Mary Mynott, visitor, 20, milliner,  b Cambridge


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