Capturing Cambridge
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12 (6) Norwich Street

History of 12 Norwich Street



Hugh McCormack, 37, railway porter, b Liverpool

Ellen, sister, 54, housekeeper, b Ireland

William Laws, lodger, 26, wood carver, b Norfolk

George Easter, lodger, 37, wood carver, b Norfolk

Jane Turbank, servant, 18, b Fulbourn



Ellen McCormack, 66, lodging house keeper, b Ireland

Margaret M, 3, visitor, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Richmond, servant, 16, b Fulbourn

Arthur T Maling, lodger, 23, undergraduate Camb Univ, b Herts

Maurice Craucher, lodger, 20, surveyor’s apprentice, b Kent


(6) unoccupied



Alice Unwin, 59, lodging house keeper, b Grantchester

Alice R Unwin, 22, dressmaker, b Grantchester

Millicent M Unwin, 20, dressmaker, b Grantchester

Allen Symonds, 64, brother, railway goods porter, b Grantchester

George E Carpenter, 31, boarder, undergraduate, b Wales

Jenkin Jones, 26, boarder, undergraduate, b Wales


Robert Joseph Law, 40, grocer, b Cambridge

Anna Laws, 37, b Cambridge

Enid Kathleen Field Laws, 11, b Cambridge

Rita Mary Moden Laws, 5, b Cambridge

Sarah Anne Field, sister in law, 46, assist in house, b Cambridge


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