Capturing Cambridge
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20 (10) Norwich Street

History of 20 Norwich Street



James Parris, head, 39, coachman, b Somerset

Ann, 39, b Wilts

Annie Elizabeth, 14, dressmaker, b Cambridge

John Blackburn, head, 54, sculptor, b Liverpool

Louis Edgar Blackburn, son, 21, wood carver, b Cambridge

John Sharman Waite, lodger, 18, postal telegraph clerk, b Lincs



Henry J Pratt, 28, tailor, b Cambridge

Annie E, 24, b Cambridge

Maud A E, 1, b Cambridge

Ann Parris, mother in law, widow, 49, b Wilts

Richard Hardie, boarder, 26, commercial traveller, b Scotland

Clara Roslyn, servant, 13, servant, b Barton

James H Friend, lodger, 24, solicitor’s clerk, b Suffolk



Charles Wallis,  52, chapel keeper, b Trumpington

Ellen, 48, college servant, b Bucks

Edith, 15, b Cambridge

Charles, 14, b Cambridge

Annie, 12, b Cambridge

Grace, 10, b Cambridge

Thomas, 6, b Cambridge





Charles Wallis, 61, college porter, b Chesterton

Ellen, 56, b Bucks

Victoria, 28, b Cambridge

Ruth, 15, b Cambridge

May, 13, b Cambridge

Edith, granddaughter, 5, b USA

Mary Denton, 68, b Somerset

Elizabeth Denton, 26, boarder, sales woman travelling with ???, b London


Charles Wallis, 71, retired college servant, b Chesterton

Ellen, 66, b Bucks

Ruth, 25, daughter, b Cambridge

Edith, 15, granddaughter, assist in house, b USA

Charles Woodforde, boarder, 26, ironmonger’s assistant, b Bosworth


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