Capturing Cambridge
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Plaque of the side wall of 6 Norwich Street

6 (3) Norwich Street

History of 6 Norwich Street



Elizabeth C Willson, 39, laundress, b Cambridge

May, mother, 64, assistant laundress, b Cambridge



Eliza Goodbody, widow, 54, lodging house keeper, b Ely

Kate, 22, unemployed,b Ely

Arthur, 21, butcher,  b Ely

Walter Fynn, visitor, 22, unemployed, b Cambridge

Mary Wilkinson, visitor, 18, unemployed, b Ely

William Sutton, lodger, 21, undergraduate of university, b Kent



John Toomes, 48, painter, b Beds

Emma, 49, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Percy J, 21, painter’s apprentice, b Cambridge

Agnes, 17, milliner’s apprentice, b Cambridge

John W, 13, b Cambridge



William E Beamiss, 73, bootmaker,  b Ely

Mary, 73, b Downham

Flora, 33, schoolmistress, b Ely

Arthur E Maltby, lodger, 28, schoolmaster, b Co Durham


Eva Brooks, 34, clerk education office, b Essex

Effie Maud Nankwell, 40, domestic duties, b London

Freda Mary Simpson, boarder, 16,  clerk part time student correspondence college, b Caxton


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