Capturing Cambridge
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75 (54) Norwich Street

History of 75 Norwich Street



CharlesĀ  Plane, 26, cordwainer, b Cambridge

Harriett, b Suffolk

Nelly, b Cambridge

Joseph Dickinson, lodger, widower, 49, annuitant, b Melbourne



Charles Plane, 36, railway servant, b Cambridge

Harriet, 36, b Suffolk

Nellie, 11, b Cambridge

Christmas H, 5, b Cambridge

Emma Beadsman, 22, boarder, telegraph signalman, b Hants

Frank Hoole, lodger, 59, publisher’s agent news, b Lancs



William Cox, 39, attendant Fitzwilliam museum,

Susan, 37,

Ernest W, 8

Ada May, 5,



William Cox, widower, 49, attendant museum, b Grantchester

Ernest W, 19, butcher, b Cambridge

Ada M, 16, chemist’s cashier, b Cambridge

Fanny Barron, sister in law, 49, housekeeper, b Herts


George Ellington, 53, gardener private, b Isleham

Elizabeth, 45, b Isleham


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