Capturing Cambridge
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86 (33) Norwich Street

History of 86 Norwich Street



William Wilson, 45, railway engine driver, b Hinxton

Rebekah, 45, b Hinxton

John, 21, engine fitter’s assistant, b Newmarket

Martha, 16, dressmaker, b Hinxton

Hannah Barter, visitor, 70, retired nurse, b Hinxton



Mary Ann Wilson, widow, lodging house keeper

Emma E, 6,

James W Jasper, brother, 30, carpenter, b Hinxton

James Crown, lodger, 33, carver, b Hunstanton

Edward Kerry, lodger, 27, carpenter, b Norfolk

Mary Ann Gallom, lodger, 72, hospital nurse, b Sawston



Mary A Wilson, widow, lodging house keeper

Emma E, 16, dressmaker’s apprentice, b Cambridge

William G James, boarder, 25, stone & wood carver, b Beds

Henry W Bennett, lodger, 22, civil servant clerk engineering dept postal telegraphs, b Notts



Mary A Willson, 63, widow, b Hinxton

Elizabeth E, 26, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Thomas H Green, 20, postman, b Surrey

William G Vincent, 19, ironmonger’s assistant, b Lincs


Emma Elizabeth Wilson, 36, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Betram Chalwin Palmer, boarder, 18, electrician Electric Supply Co, b Surrey

Florence Sarah Nightingale, cousin, 38, dressmaker, b Cambridge


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