Capturing Cambridge
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89 (47) Norwich Street

History of 89 Norwich Street



Daniel Murfitt, 32, railway guard, b Cambs

Ann, 33, b Wilts

Henry D, 4, b Middlesex

Elizabeth Ann, 2, b Cambridge

Frederick Hale, 7 mos, b Cambridge

Ann Jemima Hale, niece, 12, b Wilts

Reuben Murfitt, brother, 19,  engine cleaner, b Cambs



George H Barnsdale, 29, sculptor, b Peterborough

Ann H, 28, b Peterborough

Lillian A, 7, b Yorks

George H, 6, b Cambridge

Robert E F, 2, b Cambridge

Mary Benstead, 13, servant, b Bottisham



Henry Gage, 30, waiter, b Bourn

Louisa, 27, b Cambridge

Henry, 2, b Cambridge



Frederick Stamford, 52, marble and stone mason, b Cambridge

Adelaid, 58, b Cambridge

Alfred A, 23, autioneer surveyor’s clerk, b Ely

Grace E, 20, dressmaker, b Ely


William Cox, 59, widower, attendant Fitzwilliam Museum, b Grantchester

Ada Mary, 26, clerk Boots Chemists, b Norwich


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