Capturing Cambridge
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The Gyp Varsity cartoon by H A Moden

94 (36A) Norwich Street

History of 94 Norwich Street



Samuel Day, 42, butler, b Essex

Mary, 29, b London

George, 8, b Yorks

Samuel, 7, b Yorks

Anne, 4, b Cambridge

Ellen, 2, b Cambridge



Harry Jeeves, 28, gyp (domestic servant), b Beds

Emily K, 27, b Notts

Harry E, 1, b Cambridge

Jeranus A, sister, 10, b Beds



Maria Chandler, 49, living on own means,

Eliza, living on own means,


Maria Chandler, 59, small private means, b Norfolk

Eliza, sister, 58, b Norfolk

Elizabeth Sarah Butcher, visitor, 43,  elementary school mistress head teacher urban  district council, b Essex


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