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Russell Place, 1962 (MoC)

Russell Place, Russell Street

History of Russell Place, Russell Street


  1. Philip Pluck, 51, railway porter; Esther; William, 23, railway porter, b Cambridge; Clara, 18, servant, b Cambridge
  2. George Carse, 38, telephone foreman, b Trumpington; Elizabeth, 36, b Cambridge; Horace, 15, errand boy, b Cambridge; Rose H, 11,  b Cambridge; Arthur G, 8,  b Cambridge; Alfred W, 6, b Cambridge; Minnie E, 3,  b Cambridge; Albert W, 5 most,  b Cambridge
  3. Anne H Wayman, 28, charwoman, b Cambs; William, 17,  b Cambridge; Robert, 1,  b Cambridge
  4. John Buttress, 67, labourer, b Haslingfield; Eliza; John, 24, labourer, b Cambridge
  5. Sarah C Sexton; Henry, 25, coachman, b London; Alice, 14, b London; Laura; Frederick, 10, b Cambridge; John, 8,  b Cambridge; Arthur, 5,  b Cambridge.
  6. Samuel Gaunt, carman; Ellen; Hilda; Samuel
  7. Sarah C Lupson, 23, b London; Winifred V, 1, b Cambridge



  1. Philip Pluck, 61, porter GER, b Cambridge; Esther, 58, b Cambs.
  2. Alfred Fuller, 59, labourer GER, b Cambridge; Mary, 55, b Ely; Beatrice Hilda, 17, Jam Factory Hand, b Cambridge; Samuel Alfred Cyril Cohen, grandson, 4, b London.
  3. William Middleditch, 71, millstone dresser, b Chippenham; Mary, 73, b Scotland.
  4. Ella Buttress, 76, widow, old age pension, b Hauxton
  5. Sarah Cardine Sexton, 55, housekeeper, b Essex; Laura Lucy, 22, jam factory hand, b London.
  6. Samuel Gaunt, 58, sweet boiler, b Beds; Ellen Gaunt, 56, b Hinxton; Samuel George, 18, railway porter, b Cambridge; Hilda, 19, jam factory clerk, b Cambridge; Thomas Impey, boarder, 20, coal porter, b Dry Drayton.
  7. Margaret Poole, widow, housekeeper, b Cambridge; Arthur Fulger, son, errand boy, b Cambridge; Harry Foulger, son, b Cambridge


  1. Philip Pluck, plate layer GER
  2. Alfred Fuller, GER employee
  3. William Middleditch
  4. Mrs Sexton
  5. Samuel Gaunt, carman
  6. Mrs Parr


2. Agnes M A Driver, paid domestic worker


  1. Paul M Sugden
  2. Mrs Driver: This is Agnes M A Driver, widow of Alfred Driver  d. 11/6/1917
  3. Mrs Brand
  4. Albert Cranton
  5. Herbert J Fulcher
  6. Mrs Norris
  7. Mrs L Warren


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