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EVENT: Sam Sharpe – Strategic Resistance

A Short Film by Rev Gale Richards

Tuesday 20th October at 12.30pm

Sam Sharpe was the organiser of the 1831 sit-down strike in protest against slavery involving 60,000 enslaved people in Jamaica. The protest is regarded as hastening the abolition of slavery in British territories.

A live screening of the film will be  presented by Rev Gale Richards at The Zion Baptist Church, East Road, on Tuesday 20th October at 12.30pm (doors open at 12.20pm). This will be followed by the opportunity to chat with Gale and pick up a copy of her booklet: ‘Prophets for Their Time and Ours’.

The film will be available to view on The Zion Baptist Church Cambridge You Tube Channel from 5pm on Tuesday 20th October.

Rev Gale Richards. By Toby Peters

“Although I wrote the booklet ‘Prophets for Their Time and Ours’ a few years ago, it feels very timely, right now  – and important – to bring these stories alive and share through film.  Although mainly unknown, each story is of such an inspiring figure, and they all share a message which is still relevant and important today. They all have a connection to Britain, and have all  had an influence on British life.

Each is a short five minute film I have produced on my laptop during lockdown, with much appreciated help from Arrey Bate.  I’m not a film-maker so I feel slightly anxious about sharing them – but also really excited to get their stories heard.”
Rev Gale Richards

If anyone wants further information, including how to get a copy of ‘Prophets for Their Time and Ours’ e-mail Gale at:

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