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Caroline Place April 1974 looking towards East Road (MoC 53/75)

16 Caroline Place, East Road

History of 15 Caroline Place

1881 (16) [not 15]

David Linsey, 37, gardener, b Cherry Hinton

Harriett, 36, b Cambridge

Harriett, 14, b Cambridge

John D, 11, b Cambridge

George, 9, b Cambridge

William, 6, b Cambridge

Sarah, 7, b Cambridge

Charles, 2, b Cambridge

Henry, 1 m, b Cambridge

See Mill Road Cemetery entry


Frederick Kirkup, head, 42, upholsterer’s porter

Ada Edith, 35

Frederick William Spring Kirkup, 15, errand boy

Arthur Edward Walter Kirkup, 13

Alfred Chas Christopher Kirkup, 10

Ada Ruth Kirkup, 7

Frank Albert Edwin Kirkup, 1

Frederick Kirkup enlisted in the Cambridge Regiment 13.1.1914 when he described himself as a baker. He was Private 1714.

His army records state: Gun shot wound 2/3 or early April 1915 in Hroge. Bullet wound head right side parental region resulting in complete paralysis of left arm and leg. He was in front trench when firing was going on. When putting his head above the parapet was hit with a bullet. He is able to walk with the aid of a stick but drags left foot badly. Has no power of of movement in left arm except to move elbow from side a little and with a jerk. Cannot use hand at all. Otherwise well.
Operation: trephining, or removal of depressed bone.
Discharge as permanently unfit.
Pension awarded 25/-, then 27/6.

He was discharged 27.1.1915.

His army will said: In the event of my death I give all to my mother,

He died 30/11/1918 at the 43 West Suffolk General Hospital, Bury St Edmunds.


Mrs Kirkup

Caroline Place April 1974 looking towards south end of the Place (MoC 62/75)


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