Capturing Cambridge
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6 Guest Road

(52.201694314869385, 0.13460164874495856)


Joseph Gillings, 58, tailor and robe maker, b Peterborough

Lavinia, 40, b Surrey

Horace C, 15,b Cambridge

Gladys V, 13, b Cambridge

Reginald, 10, b Cambridge

Dorothy E, 6, b Cambridge

Harold R, 3, b Cambridge



Helen Warland, 52, widow, b Cambridge

Leslie Guy, 22, bank clerk, b Cambridge

Maurice George, 19, apprentice in soft furnishings, b Cambridge

Ethel Lottie Enderby, 23, general servant, b March



Gertrude Meiklejohn, b 1880, widow, lodging house keeper

Eileen M, (Hardy), b 1914, factory hand, fruit sorting

Violet E Moore, b 1906, unpaid domestic duties

Gertrude Kynaston, b 1856, retired nursing sister

2 closed records


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