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101 – 103 Norfolk Street

History of 101 - 103 Norfolk Street


Thomas Matthews, 39, hairdresser, b Coton

Emma, 38, b Cambridge

Percy S, 17, billiard marker, b Cambridge

Horace, 15, page boy, b Cambridge

Herbert, 13, b Cambridge

Ethel M, 12, b Cambridge

Charles F, 10, b Cambridge

Florence E, 8, b Cambridge

Louisa L, 6, b Cambridge

Ernest W, 4, b Cambridge

Ada H, 2, b Cambridge

Daisy M, 10 mos, b Cambridge

Florence told the CWN in 1981 that she was born in 1892 at 54 Norfolk Street.


Thomas Matthews, hairdresser



Cyril H Knott, b 1909, milk roundsman

Jessi M, b 1909

George H Abott, b 1903, salesman newspapers


Clarence A Wilderspin, b 1909, food supply driver

Florence H, b 1907

Leonard Gentle, b 1910, chemists dispenser

Vera M, b 1909



(101) Frederick Allen

(103) Clarence Wilderspin


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