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90 (54) Norfolk Street, Post Office

History of 90 Norfolk Street

1861 (54)

Henry Benton, 51, painter and glazier, b Cambridge

Phebe, 51, b Suffolk

George, 22, printer and compositor, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 17, b Cambridge

Charles, 14, b Cambridge

1871 (54)

Henry Benton, 61, painter and glazier, b Cambridge

Phebe, 61, b Suffolk

1881 (54)

Phoebe Benton, 72, no occupation, b Suffolk
Rebecca Bridges, daughter, widow, 37, cook, b Cambridge

1891 (90)

Moses Haynes, 48, grocer, b Fulbourn


James F Haynes, 28, grocer shopkeeper, b Cambridge

Annie F, 25, b Cambridge

Dorothea O, 1, b Cambridge

Kate Harvey, 14, servant, b Essex


James Lawrence Haynes, grocer and subpostmaster

F.T.Unwin in his book ‘Pimbo and Jenny in Old Cambridge’ describes in detail this shop:

“Mr Haynes was affectionately known as Hummer Haynes, as throughout his entire serving procedure, he would be intently humming a current song theme. High on the shelves were stacked huge bins with the name of its contents printed in bold letters: Sugar, Tea, Rice, Sago, Tapioca, Beans, Coffee. Every item of grocery was kept in one of these bins. Subsequently, Hummer would weigh each request meticulously into a blue paper, which he would roll expertly into a bag.

Butter was patted in to submission, cheese wired into sizeable portions, bacon sliced, and every conceivable item had to be weighed and packed by the master grocer. A housewife ordering a complete week’s groceries, would have to wait as Hummer, being the only server in the shop, painstakingly ‘got up’ her order.”


Reginald Willis, b 1908, bread baker

Irene A, b 1909

Sidney N, bread baker






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