Capturing Cambridge
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S. Matthew’s Court, St Matthew’s Street

History of S. Matthew's Court

Approximate position


7. Arthur S Chapman, 36, labourer, b Caxton

Elizabeth, 36, b Cambridge

Arthur S, 11, b Cambridge

Montague, 3, b Cambridge

Henry H Smith, visitor, 10, b Cambridge

Family moved next to 36 Albert Street

See Mill Road Cemetery entry


  1. Robert Nicholls, labourer
  2. William Anderson, labourer
  3. Leonard Firman
  4. Mrs Clover
  5. Albert Lilly
  6. Joseph Sampson, labourer
  7. Mrs Eliza Griffin
  8. Misses A and M Rash
  9. Benjamin Pickard, labourer
  10. Stephen A Sandfield
  11. William Gage, gardener
  12. Mrs Prime


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