Capturing Cambridge
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9 Willis Road

History of 9 Willis Road


Ernest C Gee, 35, clergyman, Church of England, b Lincolnshire

Edith M, 34, b Lincolnshire

Arthur H Pullin, 16, boarder, b Middlesex

Bernard J Pullin, 13, boarder, b Middlesex

Sidney A Wandersforde, 17, boarder, b Surrey

Reginald M Smyth, 14, boarder, b Middlesex

Robert L Coombs, 13, boarder, b Middlesex

Ralph H Smyth, 13, boarder, b Middlesex

Jane M Fulcher, 18, general servant, b Chesterton

Florence Potter, 17, general servant, b Cambridge



Eliza Elizabeth Burrell, 27, at home, b Cambridge

Ellen Ada Florence M Burrell, 4, b Chesterton

Martha Sealy, 73, widow, boarder, no occupation, b Middlesex

Gladys Irene Mather, 26, boarder, shorthand typist, university typewriting office, b London

Amelia Westwood, 19, general domestic servant, b Cambridge



Daisy I Reid, b 1894, unpaid domestic duties

James R, b 1888, grocers assistant, incapacitated





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