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Nine Chimneys Lane, Balsham OS map 1901

Nine Chimneys Lane, Little Corner, Balsham

History of Nine Chimneys Lane

Nine Chimneys Lane, Balsham (RGL 2022)

1911: Nine Chimneys Lane / Little Corner

Thomas Pearce, 54, labourer on farm, b Suffolk


James Hobbs, 56, farm labourer, b Balsham


Frederick Stock, 35, horsekeeper on farm, b Linton


Selina Ansell, 61, widow, laundress, b Fulbourn


John Whittaker, 56, farm labourer, b Balsham


George Lane, 36, farm labourer, b Balsham


Charles William Jacobs, 31, woodman, b Balsham


Frank Hobbs, 21, carter, b Balsham


Charles Brown, 46, hay cutter, b Balsham


George Beeton, 66, labourer on farm, b Balsham


Reuben Marsh, 71, labourer on farm, b Balsham

Jane, sister, 67, field worker, b Balsham

Martha, sister, 56, b Balsham

Phoebe Beeton, 84, widow, b Balsham

Arthur Beeton, 39, under gamekeeper, b Balsham

Ada, 37, b Linton

Arthur Horace, 18, farm labourer, b Balsham

Sydney Edward, 16, farm labourer, b Balsham

Albert Edward, 12, b Balsham

Leslie Edward, 4, b Balsham

‘Sons of Cambridgeshire’ pub Cambs County Council states that this was also 61 High Street. Sidney enlisted with the Cambridge Volunteer battalion in 1914. He was killed on 1st July 1916 and buried at Ovillers.

Beeton, Sidney Edward, Pte 15766 11th Suffolk Regiment, Died 1st July 1916, From Balsham

Elijah Beeton, 74, formerly gardener,

Emma, 67,

Sarah Minnie, 43,

George Brown, 25, boarder, farm labourer, b Holborn



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