Capturing Cambridge
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21 Rock Road, Cromer Villa

History of 21 Rock Road


(Cromer Villa)

James Plant, 57, commercial traveller provisions, born Liverpool

Lucy, 51, born Norwich

Arthur, 25, hairdresser, born Cambridge

James, 24, commercial traveller provisions, born Cambridge

William, 20, pianoforte tuner, born Cambridge

Annie, 17, costumier, born Cambridge

Edith, 13, born Cambridge

John, 12, born Cambridge

Clifford, 10, born Cambridge

Gertrude Wisby, 17, general servant, born Herts

John Edward Plant, born 1900, pioneer 334888 with Royal Engineers (Spec. Brigade). He was a chemist’s apprentice and this is probably the reason he was selected to join the section of the Royal Engineers that handled gas. On 17/8/1919 on active service he overstayed his leave from 6.30 hrs 17/8/1919 to 06.30 hrs 18/8/1919, and was fined 4 days pay.



(Cromer Villa)

James Plant


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