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Monk Field, Bourn OS 1885 map

Monk Field, Bourn / Cambourne

History of Monk Field

Enid Porter writes in Cambridgeshire Customs and Folklore p184 about the murder here in the 18th century:

About two hundred and fifty years ago a man named Partridge was murdered in Monk Field in Bourn. The killer, however, managed to escape detection and escaped to America. Years later he returned to England and was bold enough to revisit the scene of his crime.

This was his undoing; he was identified and executed by being placed alive in the cage at Caxton Gibbet.

JSA wrote in 2024: I think this was my grandparents farm before and after the war; then they moved to Caxton in the early 50s.

JSA later added that her grandparents were Alan and Eva Allison. Alan was a bricklayer from Middlesborough and his wife can come from Cranswick in Yorkshire. They had three children, Tom, Albert and Olga. They owned the farm during World War II and in the 1950s bought a property in Caxton.

1939 Monkfield farm, Chesterton

Alan Allison, b 1905, bricklayer heavy worker

Eva, b 1898

Thomas , b 1932,


Alethea F, b 1879, not capable of work





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