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140 / 142 High Street, Cottenham

142 High Street (90), Pembroke House, Cottenham

History of 142 High Street


Joseph Norman, 64, butcher,


Jonathan Webb, 33, hair dresser and newsagent, b Great Swaffham


Thomas Granger, 65, ag.lab., b Cottenham


Thomas H Christmas, 36, builder employing 4 men, b Cottenham


Thomas Haird, 26, schoolmaster, b Cottenham

1861: approx.

Joseph Norman, 59, ag.lab., b Willingham


John Hopkins, 69, ag.lab., b Toft


Thomas Piggott, 32, carpenter employing 2 men and 1 apprentice, b Cottenham


William Norman, 40, wheelwright, b Cottenham


Freeman Peck, 20, ag.lab., b Cottenham


Thomas Granger, 75, ag.lab., b Cottenham


William Wallis, 53, brewer, b Swavesey


James Finch, 36, plumber and glazier, b Cottenham


William Norman, 50, wheelwright, b Cottenham


Joseph Norman, 24, ag.lab., b Wilburton


James Few, 42, groom, b Cottenham


John Wright, 48, brewer, b Cottenham


James Finch, 46, plumber and printer, b Cottenham


Rebecca Norman, 51, gardener, b Cottenham

Frederic Few Norman, 23, gardener, b Essex

Richard Henry Norman, 13, b Middlesex


Fred Thoday, 23, labourer, b Cottenham


Rebecca Norman, 50, gardener

Frederick F, 32, b Essex

Annie, 26, b London

Richard H, 23, medical student, b London

Harold E Jones, 8, grandson, b Cottenham

Hansel J Petitfurst [?], visitor, 30, b NK


Elizabeth Few [?], 66, living on own means, b Cottenham

1911: Pembroke House

Elizabeth How, 78, private means, b Cottenham

Elizabeth Battle, 44, nurse housekeeper, b Northants

1939: (90)

Ellen Moore, b 1863

Modern: (142)


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