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15 High Street, Cottenham

15 High Street, Cottenham

History of 15 High Street


Richard Graves, 60, gardener

Judith, 60

Mary Nibbs, 35

William Nobbs, 15


Richard Graves, 35, ag.lab.,

Mary, 30

Ann, 2


Judith Graves, 80, annuitant, b Cottenham

Mary Knibbs, daughter, 50, nurse, b Cottenham

Jane Graves, 37, b Cottenham

William Knibbs, grandson, 23, farmers labourer, b Cottenham

Isaac Knibbs, grandson, 22, wheelwright, b Cottenham


Thomas Graves, 35, farmer of 17 acres no labourer, b Cottenham

Sarah, 31, b Cottenham

James, 7, b Cottenham


Thomas Graves, 44, farmer of 21 acres,

Sarah, 41,

James, 17,

[next door]

Mary Nibbs, 58, land owner, b Cottenham

William, 34, ag.lab., b Cottenham


Thomas Graves, 54, farming 54 acres, b Cottenham

Sarah, 50, b Cottenham

James, 27, farmers assistant, b Cottenham

[next door]

William Nibbs, 44, ag.lab., b Cottenham


Sarah Graves, 66

William Nibbs

[next door]

James Graves, farmer 21 acres


1891 [possibly combined with 17 High Street]

James Graves, 48, farmer


[next door]

Sarah Graves, widow, 76, b Cottenham

William Nibbs, lodger, 67, ag.lab., b Cottenham


James Graves, farmer



James Graves, 68, farmer, b Cottenham

Eliza, 68, b Cottenham


Edgar Badcock, b 1893, nightwatchman

Mabel L, b 1891

Harold V, b 1914, invoice clerk

Stella, b 1915, clerk Burroughs calculator

Arthur W, b 1917, clerk machine shop time clerk

Gladys M, b 1922, shorthand typist



Leonard J, b 1929


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