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Six Bells, 19 High Street, Cottenham

19 High Street, Six Bells, Bell Ringers, Cottenham

History of the Six Bells


John Peck, publican

1841: Ale House

Martha Peck, widow, 55

Benton Peck, 25, ag.lab.

[Benton Peck built the Hop Bind]


Owners, Graves family, sold the property to Robert Ivatt of Gothic House, the maltmaster.


John Maskell, 41, publican and labourer, b Cottenham

Ann, 39, b Cottenham

Eliza, 17, b Cottenham

William Maskell, 15, farm labourer, b Cottenham

Mary, 12, b Cottenham

Ann, 10, b Cottenham

John, 5, b Cottenham

1861: Six Bells

William Smith, ag.lab., b Cottenham


Charles, 9, b Cottenham

Herbert, 5, b Cottenham

Agnes Ann, 7 mos, b Cottenham

John Long, lodger, 34, ag,lab., b Landbeach

1871: Six Bells

William Smith




Ernest Arthur, 8, b Cottenham

Harriet, 6, b Cottenham

1877: terrace built by Robert Matin Ivatt (maltster) son of Robert.

1881: Six Bells

William Smith, 54. publican and ag.lab., b Cottenham

Ann, 54, b Cottenham


Elizabeth Granger licensee


Bentley Flack


John Maskell jnr.

1891: Six Bells

John Markell, 45, agricultural machine owner, b Cottenham

Ann, 45, b Cottenham

Emma, 21, b Cottenham

John, 19, agricultural engine driver, b Cottenham

Leonard, 18, b Cottenham

Grace, 14, b Cottenham

Harry, 12, b Cottenham

Fred, 9, b Cottenham

Anthony, 4, b Cottenham


The public house, then leased to Messrs Apthopre & Sons of the Albion Brewery, was sold by auction with the adjoining cottages to Messrs Bullard & Sons, the Norwich Brewers, for £440


John Parsons, licensee


Daniel Smith, then William Ward, Walter Sanderson and Charles Heffer, licensee in 1908 when renewal refused on the grounds that 22 pubs for a population of 2,393 was enough.

1901: [probably attached cottage]

Richard Camps, 49, gardener and groom, b Waterbeach

Mary A, 50, b Willingham

Harry Camps, 19, b Waterbeach

Harold, 16, bricklayer

Frederick, 12, b Cottenham

Mabel, 10, b Cottenham

Sidney H, 9, b Cottenham

Margerie L, 7, b Cottenham


Six Bells closed


Richard Watts Camps, 62, no occupation, b Waterbeach

Mary Ann, 62, b Willingham

Sidney Hazel, 18, farm labourer, b Cottenham

Frederic William, 21, pipe fitter, b Cottenham

Ethel, 26, married, b Willingham

Edna Lilian, daughter, 4 mos, b Cambridge


Frank E Gifford, b 1905, farming and fruit growing

Pearl M, b 1901



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