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227 High Street Cottenham

227 (159) High Street, Cottenham

History of 227 High Street

1841 approx.

John Everitt, 71, farmer


Thomas Rowell, 25, ag.lab


See Francis Garrett, Cottenham Ablaze

A fire was reported at the house standing on the site of the later Todd’s Stores (High Street/Telegraph Street). At midday a fire broke out at the back of a thatched cottage belonging to a woman named Todd, a baker. Flames from the oven caught a basket and clothes and damaged part of the thatch.


Ann Norman, 84, land proprietor, b Cottenham


Robert Piggott, 27, tailor and grocer, b Cottenham


John Bridger, 32, member of the Royal College of Surgeons, b Sussex


James Todd, 28, farmer of 26 acres employing 2 men


George Pung, 36, Baptist Minister Ebenezer Chapel, b Suffolk


James Todd, 39, farmer of 21 acres employing 2 men, b Cottenham


James Todd, 38, farmer of 50 acres employing 2 labourers


Sarah A Todd, 43, grocer and baker, b Cottenham


James Todd, 48, farmer, b Cottenham


Sarah Anne Todd, 52, grocer and baker, b Cottenham


Fred Todd, 27, journeyman baker, b Cottenham


Bertha A Todd, 39, grocers assistant, b Cottenham


Eyra John Todd, 48, grocer, b Cottenham


Sarah Ann Todd, 74, general storekeeper grocer baker, b Cottenham

1939 (159) Brooklyn House


Modern: (227)



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