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261 - 269 High Street Cottenham

261 – 269 (167 – 177) High Street, Cottenham

History of 261 - 269 High Street


George Sanderson, 67, ag.lab.


William Bishop, ag.lab.


Sarah Saintey, 25, farmer


Sarah Sanderson, 70, pauper, b Cottenham


William Bishop, 61, ag.lab., b Cottenham


Sarah Smith, 55, house keeper, b Cottenham


William Hopkins, 63, ag.lab.


William Bishop, ag.lab.


Thomas Saintey, 20, farmer of 50 acres employing 1 man 1 boy


William Hopkins, 72, ag.lab., b Cottenham


William Bishop, 45, ag.lab., b Cottenham


Thomas Saintey, 30, farmer 30 acres employing 2 men, b Cambridge


George Kimpton, 28, butcher, b Cottenham


Rebecca Bishop, 64, b Cottenham

William, brother, ag.lab.


Thomas D Sainty, 40, coalman’s haulier and farmer, b Cambridge


Jabez Law, bootmaker


William Bishop, 65, gardener, b Cottenham


William King, 48, coal hawker, b Herts

1901 approx.

Jabez Law, shoemaker




Ann Peck, 77, retired publican


George Gill, Prudential Insurance Agent


Mary Burgess, 62, living on her own means, b Beds


James Trundley, 29, coal carman, b Cottenham

1911 approx.

Jabez Law, 57, bootmaker, b St Neots

Alfred Moore, 68, blacksmith, b Cottenham

Ann Peck, 88, b Cottenham

George Gill, 50, insurance agent, b Norfolk

James Collins, 44, engineer turner, b Wimblington

Edwin C Butler, 33, bricklayer, b Cottenham

1939 (167 – 177)

(167) Arthur Thulbourn, b 1898, lorry driver and wholesale fruit salesman

(169) Jean Ada Watson, b 1910

(171) –

(173) Heber Harrison

(175) Hubert J Fishpool

(177) Edwin C Butler

Modern: (261 – 269)


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