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279 High Street, Cottenham

279, Queen Holme, High Street, Cottenham

History of 279 High Street

Listed building:

Late C16

Believed to be the oldest house still standing in Cottenham. It has belonged to the same family since 1797. Richard Norman senior bought the house. His son Richard, who had farmed Queenholme Farm  in Willingham lived in it. It passed through the family to the Burgess family. (See Cottenham in Focus, 2022)


Mary Norman, 65, farrier


Mary Norman, 77, land proprietor, b Cottenham


James Baker Blackmore, 33, baptist minister of Old Chapel, b Devon


Robert Norman, 37, farmer of 47 acres employing 1 man and 1 boy, b Cottenham

1881 approx.

Richard Norman, 75, farmer of 44 acres employing 2 labourers, b Cottenham


Eliza Haynes, 32, agricultural implements proprietor, b Ely


David Ingle, 34, carpenter and joiner


David Ingle, 44, builder and contractor


David Ingle, 54, builder woodwork, b Cottenham

1939 Queen Holme

David Ingle, b 1856, master builder

Modern: (279)


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