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315 High Street, Cottenham

315 (209) High Street, Marland, Green End Hand Laundry, Cottenham

History of 315 High Street


John Spackman, 35, dairyman


John Spackman, 65, farmer


John Spakman, 49, farmer of 42 acres, employing 1 labourer, b Cottenham


John Spackman, 58, landed proprietor, b Cottenham


John Spackman, 27, farm of 42 acres, b Cottenham


John Spackman, 68, yeoman, b Cottenham


John Spackman, 36, farmer 40 acres employing 1 man, b Cottenham

1881 Chesnut House

John Spackman, 78, landowner, b Cottenham

1891 approx.

Mary Emerson, 55, living on own means, b Cottenham


George Spackman, 33, ag.lab., b Cottenham

1901 approx.

Elizabeth Smith, widow, 73, living on own means


Henry J Smith, 44, gardener and farmer, b Cottenham


Thomas Thulborn, 46, horsekeeper on farm, b Cottenham


Sayers Oliver, 25, journeyman baker, b Cambs


Josiah Day, 28, blacksmith, b Over


George Pierson, 50, ag.lab., b Cottenham


Edward G Haird, 44, carpenter, b Cottenham


Elizabeth Lyne, 66, living on own means, b Worcs

1911 approx.

Herbert Moore, 49, fruit gardener, b Cottenham


Arthur William Smith, 29, engineer’s turner, b Cottenham


Leonard Francis Graves, 36, jobbing gardener, b Cottenham


The widow of Herbert Moore kept the Green End Hand Laundry; famous for attention given to flannel clothing.


Kenneth H Norman, b 1900, agricultural worker tractor driver plough drilling


Leonard W Norman, b 1881, agricultural labourer


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