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115 High Street, Cottenham

115 (97) High Street, Victoria Villa, Cottenham

History of 115 High Street

Robert Norman, owner of a house and baker, had died in 1746, leaving about £10,000.


James Watts, 81, tailor


Robert Norman, 49, farmer



William Bull, 50, ag.lab


Charles Benerson, 40, ag,lab., b Cottenham


Robert Norman, 59, farmer of 40 acres employing 1 man and 1 boy, b Cottenham


Thomas Ridge, 38, baker, b Northants

Esther, 49, b Cottenham


Thomas Ridge, 50, baker, b Elsworth


Elizabeth Norman, 77, annuitant, b Cottenham


Arthur Clark, 48, baker, b Essex

The former white house was sold to the Clarke family in the 1870s and then sold c1898 to Arthur Moore who had made a fortune in London. He had one originally to London to work as a potboy and eventually owned the Coach and Horses public house on the Clapham Road. He built the two houses, 115 & 117, probably the last houses in the village built of Cottenham brick. Hi brother William Moore lived in the right-hand house and Kimpton Moore lived and worked in the left-hand house. A new bakery was situated at the rear of the house.


John Moore, cooper


Arthur Clark, 58, baker, b Essex


John Moore, cooper


Elizabeth Clark, 58, baker and grocer, b Histon

Havelock John, 26

Agnes Winifred, 19,


William Moore, 54, farmer, b Cottenham

Jane E Moore,49, grocer, b Histon

Kimpton J, 23, baker, b Cottenham

Benjamin C, 22, journeyman baker, b Cottenham

Frederick Lane, 22, journeyman baker, b Swaffham Prior

115 – 117 High Street. Buildings pre 1902. (photo E Smith)

House built

Victoria Villa, Cottenham (CambsCollect 10630, 83/30/2)

Victoria Villa, 115 High Street Cottenham


Kimpton John Moore, 33, grocer and baker, b Cottenham

1939 (97)

Harry K Moore, b 1911, master baker and confectioner

1954 bakery closed

Modern: (115)


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