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Ablett’s Row, Cottenham

History of Ablett's Row

1881: Ablett’s Row

  1. James Livermoore, 71, ag.lab., b Balsham; Eliza, 64, b Rampton
  2. John Hopkins, 27, labourer, b oakington; Harriett, 24, b Cottenham; Clara, 1, b Cottenham; Frederic, lodger, 18, ag.lab., b Oakington
  3. Esther Carrier, 52, b Rampton; William, 23, ag.lab., b Cottenham
  4. James Sanderson, 29, sweep, b Cottenham; Mary Jane, 25, b Isleham; James Anderson Smith, 6, b Chesterton; Henry John Sanderson, 4, b Cottenham; Alfred, 2, b Cottenham.
  5. Richard Granger, 45, ag.lab., b Cottenham; Mary, 57, b Cottenham; Edward, 25, ag.lab., b Cottenham
  6. Edward Bowers, 56, ag.lab., b Histon; Letisha, 43, b Rampton; William, 19, ag,lab., b Rampton; John, 17, ag.lab., b Rampton; Charles, 4, b Cottenham


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