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Doctor's surgery in Cottenham c.1910 (MoC30739)

Cottenham Data

Cottenham Scrapbook

Cottenham map, at time of Enclosure Act, date unknown

Mike Petty’s Cottenham Scrapbook:

Note from SB of the Burkett family in 2021:

They [Burkett and Chivers families] moved to Histon we think because of the outbreak of Smallpox in Cottenham in the 1790s . Both Burkett and Chivers families originated from Cottenham as did my paternal grandfather Wallace Pauley’s family. My aunt told me that the Burkett’s being good Christian (Baptists) people preferred to give things away including things that did not belong to them. Their acumen for business was not ‘noted’ unlike the Chivers “ who had their heads screwed on better”.

Photo by F Stone, Cottenham, subject unknown (MoC)

Stripping bark from osiers for Mr Joe Munsey basket maker of Cottenham c.1900 (photo F J Smith) (MoC367/75)

From left to right,

Back Row: Miss Sanderson, Mrs Alfred Gifford, unknown, unknown, Mrs Fred Thoday, Ernest Munsey

Front Row: Mrs Richard Croxon & daughter, Mrs William Milton, unknown

In 1937 Albert Victor Haird was a cycle dealer at 164 (old numbering system) High Street Cottenham. His father Edward George was a wheelwright in 1911; the family lived then  in Eastland Villa (location unknown).

A V and E G Haird, Cottenham (CC 29456) date unknown ?1930s

Derelict shop in Cottenham High Street probably in 1974. Signs advertise hairdressing, singeing, shaving and shingling (MoC60/75)


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