Capturing Cambridge
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Croxton Park

History of Croxton Park


George Douglas Cochrane Newton, head, 31, private means, b London

Muriel Mary Georgina, wife, 23, b London

Myra Alice, 4 1/2, daughter, b London

Annie Constance de Gruyther, nurse, 43, b London

Eugene La Joinie, 40, ladies maid, b Limerick, French

Margaret Reid, 32, head housemaid, b Scotland

Emmeline Manning, 21, 2nd housemaid, b Hunts

Helen Mary Newman, 20, 3rd housemaid, b Norfolk

Annie Blacker, 29, cook, b Somerset

Mary Vallance Siders, 21, kitchenmaid, b Kent

Hilda Maud Pratton, 17, scullery maid, b Somerset

Mary Anne Mackenzie Fraser, laundry maid, b Scotland

Harry Chapman, 25, 1st footman, b Lincs

Rupert John Ware, 2nd footman, b Suffolk

Sir Douglas Newton and the Cambridge Conservatives of the 1920s



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