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Littleton House School, Girton

History of Littleton House

1930s – 1950s:

HQ of 16th Cambridge, Little House School Scout Group

1939 (UK Register): Littleton House School

Emilie Dodds, b 21.2.1907, head mistress

Rosa A Dodds, b 1.10.1913, matron

? x 2

Percy Pinnegar, 10.11.1923, patient


Frederick Friend, 11.6.1924, patient


Frank Wheeler, b 13.2.1924, patient

? x 5

Ronald Adkins, b 9.9.1925, patient

Dennis Macklin, b 14.4.1925, patient


Sydney Chapman, b 21.12.1925, patient

Anthony Summers, b 17.9.1928, patient

? x 3

Brian Sheldon, b 14.4.1926, patient


Edward Herring, b 18.10.1923, patient

George Larkins, 23.8.1925, patient


Edward Norman, 27.6.1925, patient

? x 5

Victor Goolleman, b 7.1.1928, patient

Susannah Toyne, b 12.7.1922, patient

? x 2

James H Gosling, b 27.3.1928, patient

? x 2

Alfred Burrett, b 9.11.1925, patient

? x 2

Littleton House School Cottage:

Charles A Hoddee, b 22.10.1874, handyman

Kathleen Hoddee, b 21.1.1876, cook

Lucy M Cooper, b 9.9.1898, housekeeper

Margaret Kilpatrick, b 26.3.1882, assistant school teacher

Joseph V Blane, b 19.3.1908, teacher

Daisy M Tendlet, b 21.4.1880, nurse attendant

Gwendoline Edith Hostler [actually listed as Irwin E Hunter in error but matched with Gwendoline by researcher because of marriage to Alec Alfred Schofield in 1948 and her date of birth 12.5.1917] In 1939 Gwendoline is described as a nurse attendant.

Winifred J Lewis, b 26.5.1910, nurse attendant

Melita Kosterlity, b 5.5.1909, nurse attendant

Walter R Martin, 10.1.194, carpenter

Therese Bergmann, 28.7.1899, nurse attendant

1945 Littleton House School

Alice L Aro

Alice Edith Booth

Wilfred Booth

Raymond Stanley Claymond

Edward Flavell

Gwendoline Edith Hostler

Margaret Kilpatrick

Dorothy Plumbly Lambert

Alice C Smith



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