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Mortlock Street OS 1901

22 Mortlock Street, Roseleigh, Melbourn

History of 22 Mortlock Street

1893 Charles Day and Mary Elizabeth Lilley marry 15th March in Melbourn.

22 Mortlock Street, Melbourn


Charles Day, 29, groom, b Melbourn

[In 1901 Charles was living with his parents in Melbourn High Street]

Mary E, 31, b Dulwich

[Mary Elizabeth Lilley (1869-1959) was the daughter of Henry Gunning Lilley and Elizabeth Jane Brodie. She moved to Meldreth to work for the Mortlock family and subsequently married Charles Day, an estate worker. This was not well received by her family.]

Charles, 6, b Melbourn

Henry B, 4, b Melbourn

Mable L, 1, b Melbourn

Maud L, 1, b Melbourn

Charles Day sen.


Mary Elizabeth and Charles Day senior

Charles Day (1871-1956), 40, estate carpenter, b Melbourn

Mary Elizabeth(1869-1959) , 42, Dulwich Surrey

Charles (1894-1978), 16, student Cambs County School, b Melbourn

Charles Day jun.

Henry Brodie, 14, student Cambs County School, b Melbourn

[Henry Brodie ‘Harry’ Day (1897-1918). After serving as a lance corporal with the Suffolk Regiment he was commissioned as an officer in October 1917 and joined C Company, 1st battalion 1st Cambridgeshire Regiment on 3rd January 1918. He was killed by shellfire exactly one month later. There is a large transept window in Melbourn Parish church in his honour.]

Henry Brodie ‘Harry’ Day Mortlock Street Melbourn

Mabel Lilley Day (1899-1986), 11, b Melbourn

Mabel Lilley Day

Maud Lilley Day (1899-1993), 11, b Melbourn

Ralph Brodie Day (1901-1931), 1, b Melbourn

Memorial to Ralph Brodie Day in Melbourn Parish Church

1918 Charles and Mary were living at Greenhill/Grinnel Farm.


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