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Condemned cottages, Dolphin Lane, Melbourne (MoC125/51)

Dolphin Lane, Melbourn

History of Dolphin Lane, Melbourn


William Stockbridge, 66, wheelwright, b Melbourn


Benjamin Baker, retired ag.lab., b Melbourn

Arthur Winter, 28, butcher journeyman, b Melbourn


Arthur Wedd, 46, poultry dealer, b Melbourn


John Chipperfield, 34, bricklayer, b Melbourn


John Pateman, 39, engine driver, b Meldreth


Fred Chapman, 22, ag.lab., b Melbourn


George Stockbridge, 64, horsekeeper on farm, b Melbourn


James E Green, 31, labourer in cement works, b Meldreth


Levi Wedd, 66, farmer, b Melbourn


William Stockbridge, 36, general labourer, b Melbourn


David Wedd, 26, grist miller, b Kneesworth


William Holland, 32, platelayer, b Melbourn


Emma Bass, 82, b Melbourn


Joseph Hoye, 72, b Stetchworth


Harry Carter, 28, ag.lab., b Melbourn


George Smith, 44, ag.lab., b Whaddon


William Papworth, 23, ag.,lab., b Toft


Elizabeth Lyas [?], 72, seamstress, b Melbourn


Alban Baker, 58, ag.lab., b Melbourn


William Jacklin, 47, ag.lab., b Whaddon


Edith Catley, 66, b Meldreth


Walter Stanford, 38, wheelwright, b Melbourn


Ann Littlechild, 49, seamstress, b Berks


Henry Pepper, 43, ag.lab., b Melbourn


Charles Blows, 47, ag.lab., b Shepreth


James Leonard, 74, ag.lab., b Cambs


William Webb, 50, bricklayer, b Melbourn


Mary Holland, 66, b Melbourn


Charles Charter, 60. ag.lab., b Melbourn


Martha Izzard, 76, laundress, b Shepreth


Thomas Abrey, 36, platelayer, b Meldreth


Edward Stanford, 66, farmer, b Melbourn



William Waldock, 42, stockfeeder on farm, b Meldreth


Emily Stockbridge, 75, widow, b Herts


Martha Whitby, 69, b Melbourn


Joseph Wright, 75, farm labourer, b melbourn


Cordelia Elizabeth Newis, 26, Salvation Army Captain, b Yorks


Edgar Henry Webb, 25, gardener, b Melbourn


Thomas Chapple, 83, formerly blacksmith, b Balsham


Lucy West, 58, chapel keeper, b Herts


Maria Wedd, 79, old age pensioner, b Herts


Peartree Cottage:

Joseph Cooper, 31, carpenter builder, b Melbourn


William Chapman, 48, gardener, b Melbourn


James Ernest Green, 41, cement labourer, b Meldreth


George Stockbridge, 74, farm labourer, b Melbourn


Frederick Chapman, 29, horsekeeper on farm, b Melbourn


John Pateman, 49, traction engine driver, b Meldreth


John Chipperfield, 44, bricklayer, b Melbourn


Arthur Wedd, 50, goods carrier and farmer, b Melbourn


William Stockbridge, 46, horseman on farm, b Melbourn


Rial Abrey, 38, coal porter, b Meldreth


William Holland, 42, vegetable hawker, b Melbourn


David Chapman, 23, platelayer, b Melbourn


Carriers Arms:

David Wedd, 36, Campkins mineral water worker, b Whaddon


Frederick Charles Day, 41, horsekeeper on farm, b Melbourn


Ernest Pearce, 33, farm labourer, b Orwell


Alfred Colles, 34, platelayer, b Orwell


Alvan Barker, 68, formerly farm labourer, b Melbourn


Maria Blows, 58, charwoman, b Meldreth

[The Blows family lost their home in the 1915 fire]


Samuel George Barnes, 37, cement works labourer East Anglian Cement, b Melbourn


Edith Cattey, 76, b Melbourn


Walter Stanford, 48, farmer, b Melbourn


Ann Littlechild, 59, laundress, b Suffolk


Laurence Albert Handscombe, 29, carter, b London


Sarah Harrup, 66, b Melbourn


Henry Pepper, 52, farm labourer, b Meldreth


Mary Holland, 74, formerly washerwoman, b Melbourn


Martha Izzard, 89, b Melbourn


Thomas Abrey, 47, railway platelayer, b Meldreth


Edward Stanford, 76, formerly boot and shoe maker, b Melbourn



Peartree Cottage:

Joseph J Cooper, b 1910, asbestos sheet manufacturer (Decontamination Squad)


Rose Cottage:

William Chapman, b 1863, gardener retired


Georgina Waldock, b 1869


George C Smith, b 1900, asphalt potman heavy work


Frederick Chapman, b 1877, horse keeper


Ellen Baxter, b 1878


James Green, b 1870, labourer


Bertie Wedd, b 1898, farming


Robert Baxter, b 1904, horseman on farm


Mary A Stockbridge, b 1865


Wilfrid Ogden, b 1905, certificate elementary school teacher


Carriers Arms:

Eliza Newcomb, b 1875, license holder public house


William J Hart, b 1871, charge hand in paint works


Frederick C Beech, b 1872, porter signalman


Amelia Perkins, b 1894


Walter Stanford, b 1862, farmer


Charles J Croxall, b 1902, master builder (ARP Rescue)


William J Winter, b 1894, house painter


Edward A Woods, b 1886, cowman (Air Raid Warden)


Ellen Pepper, b 1882



Olive M Morley, b 1903, fruit picker in summer





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