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Rose Lane, Melbourn

Rose Lane, Melbourn

History of Rose Lane


John Day, 49, carter, b Melbourn


Raul Abrey, 28,  coal carman, b Meldreth


Stephen Chapman, platelayer, b Melbourn


Sarah Reader, 50, seamstress, b Meldreth


Jesse Guiver, 52, boot maker, b Herts


William Knott, 49, signalman GNR, b Herts


Charles Carter, 78, horsekeeper, b Melbourn




John Bishop, 41, photographic artist, b Oxon


Jessie Guiver, 63, boot and shoe maker repairer, b Melbourn

[The Guiver family lost there home in the 1915 fire]


John Pepper, 40, farm labourer, b Plymouth


Walter Smith, 49, bricklayer, b Litlington


William Hale, 38, bricklayer, b Meldreth




John Day, 59, carman, b Melbourn


William Pigg, 24, farm labourer, b Royston



Sidney J Green, b 1911, painter and decorator


Arthur Button, b 1867, railway clerk retired


Walter G Day, b 1868, worker on farm


William Smith, b 1888, asbestos worker


Alfred E Holland, b 1901, foreman for building company


Elizabeth Egglestone, b 1860, retired health visitor


Mary A Cooper, b 1880


Jarman’s Farm:

John Sullivan, b 1913, sugar beet worker




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