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History of Wendy

For information about Wendy:,_Cambridgeshire

In 1923 W M Palmer (Camb Chron) in his lecture about the neighbourhood of Melbourn and Meldreth made the following comments about the village:

Wendy -“Wenda’s Isle,” passing over the rich meadows which gave this part of the country in the 18th century the name of the “Dairies.”

Wendy is a small parish of about 1,000 acres, but it was at one time divided into five manors because the owner who died about 1200 left five daughters and the husband of each of these ladies claimed a share.

A few years ago Wendy was farmed almost entirely by the Russell family … Admiral Edward Russell, who defeated the French at the battle of La Hogue, the first great victory of English over the French for over 250 years, was createdBaron Russell of Shingay in the year 1697.

The most romantic perosns hailing from Wendy were the Revell brothers, sons of a man who started life as an ordinary farm hand at Kneesworth Hall. The sons fell under the influence of Admiral Russell who lived in the old preceptory and he paid for their education.




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