Capturing Cambridge
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34 Blinco Grove (1 Stoneleigh Terrace)

History of 34 Blinco Grove


William Miller, 37, hairdresser, born Lambeth

Elizabeth, 40, born Dorset

Mabel, 15, borne Dorset

Stanley, 13, born Dorset

George Daws, brother-in-law, 42, farmer’s son, born Dorset

Elizabeth Daws, mother-in-law, 80, farmer’s widow, born Dorset


Elizabeth Miller, widow, 50, born Dorset

Mable Miller, daughter, 25, housekeeper at home, born Dorset

Mabel Chapman, boarder, 22, milliner, employed, born Cambridge

Harry Rice, boarder, 19, clerk, civil service, born Norwich

Edgar Barrow, boarder, 16, clerk, railway, born Lancaster

Harry Amos Rice, private in 15th London Regiment. He enlisted in 1915 and served Mar.-Nov 1916 in France. Discharged 1917 following shrapnel injury which caused complex fracture of the fibula and amputation of right big toe.


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