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15 Cavendish Avenue, Wayside, ?Lyndhurst, (The Squirrels)

History of 15 Cavendish Avenue



Thomas Hamilton, 28, tobacconist, born Wantage

Margaret Ann, 27, born Kent

Tom, 4, born Maidstone

Gordon Leslie, 2, born Maidstone

(not named) son, 9 days, born Cambridge

Mary Phillips, servant, widow, 47, dressmaker, born Fulbourn

Elizabeth Childs, 37, monthly nurse, born Oakington



This census lists a house, ‘Lyndhurst’, which does not appear in 1911. Looking at the census return it seems likely that this is the same house as the later Wayside.

Alfred G Duke 27, Cattle dealer and farmer

Clara C, 27

Alfred, 70 days

Florence A Wright, sister-in-law, 23

Emily Reed, 20, general, servant

Mary Sharpe, widow, 66, nurse



Sydney Carlyle Cockerell, 43, director of a museum Cambridge University, born Brighton

Florence Kate, 38, born Lewisham

Margaret Kate, 2, born Cambridge

Christopher Sydney, 10 months, born Cambridge

Alice Emma Smith, 22, general servant, born Oxon.

Theresa Mary Wirdnan, 20, nurse, born Oxon.

Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell (1867 – 1962) was director of the Fitzwilliam Museum from 1908-1937.

His son Christopher Cockerell (1910-1999) became an inventor and is best known for the invention of the hovercraft.

His wife, Florence Kate Kingsford (1872-1949), was an illuminator and designer, who, in 1916, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.



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