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Josiah and Agnes Chater on their Golden Wedding anniversary, 1903 (MoC358/64)

21 Hartington Grove, Agnes Holm

History of 21 Hartington Grove

The Cambridge Evening News reported in 1990 the story behind no.21 Hartington Grove, “Agnes Holm”. It features in the book “Victorian Cambridge” which tells of how the property was lived in by the the city’s first accountant, Josiah Chater, from 1894 to 1908, and was named after his wife, Agnes Holm.


Josiah Chater, 72, chartered accountant, born Saffrom Walden


Hubert, son, 31, commercial traveller in cycle accessories, born Cambridge

Augustine B, chartered accountant, born Cambridge

Leonard G, son, 22, insurance agent’s clerk, born Cambridge

Bertram, chartered accountant’s articled clerk, born Cambridge

Harriet Crack, 18, general servant, born Suffolk

Grave memorial of the Chater family, Histon Road cemetery. Josiah died in 1908, Agnes in 1919.


Agnes Chater, 77, widow, born Cambridge

Augustine Barrett Chater, 40, son, chartered accountant, born Cambridge

Olivia Chater, 37, daughter, born Cambridge

Bertram Chater, son, 29, accountant, born Cambridge

Winifred Hall, 16, servant, born Cambridge



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