Capturing Cambridge
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By Andrew Dunn

Fernleigh Cottage (3 Hills Avenue)

History of Fernleigh Cottage


(Coachman’s house)

George Frost 36, Coachman, born Yorks. George Frost and his wife in 1881 were living on the Cambridge Road (Cherry Hinton Road).

Mary Ann 36, born Isleham

Florence 12, born Chesterton

Ethel 11, born Cambridge

Arthur 9, born Cherry Hinton

William 3, born Cherry Hinton

George Allington, lodger, 33, groom, born Isleham

Elizabeth Allington, lodger, 26, born Isleham

George Allington, lodger, 8, born Isleham


(The Cottage)

Harry Morley 32, gardener, born Haslingfield

Cora 30, born Harston

Gertrude E 5, born Foxton

Harold W 2, born Foxton


This was the home of Walter King Chown age 31, his wife Alice Maude 28, and son George Walter King Chown just 10 months. Walter was coachman for the Waller family of Fernleigh in Cavendish Avenue.


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