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Hills Road (South)

A collection of historical notes about Hills Road (South) Cambridge

Hills Road south of the railway bridge

The earliest census records of anyone living in this stretch of Hills Road are as follows, split in some years between the returns of Cherry Hinton and Trumpington:

1851 (Cherry Hinton census) James Pluck farmer’s steward

1861 (Cherry Hinton census) Thomas Yarrow farmer’s foreman

1871 (Trumpington census) Lilly Edleston farmer and William Winnel farm steward. Both of these can be found living together in 1881 at the Edleston farm (Clay Farm) on Mill Road (Long Road). However William Winnel is steward of Jones’ farm in 1881.

Others listed in Hills Road in 1871 according to the Trumpington return are:

James Bird gardner, Richard Hayden groom, William Pennock coachman at Trumpington House, Samuel Eagle, James Bass and Richard Stillam, all agricultural labourers. Addresses are unknown other than Trumpington House, now 178 Hills Road.

By 1881 there are living in Hills Road according to the Trumpington census:

Woodfield/ Woodville (174 Hills Road):  Henry Beecham 41 clergyman C of E without cure of souls, wife Rayne and three servants.

Trumpington House (178 Hills Road): Alfred Jones 48 member of the college of dentists and farmer of 210 acres with 7 men, wife Eliza, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece and three servants.

Hallack J Pamplin gardener, wife, son and visitor

Samuel Dean coachman, wife and two daughters.

Cavendish College: John Cox head 29 and wife Caroline, daughter and sister-in-law. Also three M.A. teachers, four B.A. students, approx. 55 undergraduates, 17 servants.

Cavendish College Gate Lodge Thomas Prince butler 38 and wife Janet

Thomas Baish ag.lab., wife and six children

As well as, according to the Cherry Hinton census:

1881 Henry Dean farm bailiff

Details of those residents of this section of Hills Road who are know to have participated in World War One can be found here:

Residents of the road have included:

Archie Scott Brown (no. 163) racing driver

Sir Andrew Claye (no. 247) gynaecologist

William H S Jones (no. 247) historian

Alfred Court Haddon (no.187) anthropologist

Charles Kerridge  (no. 205) builder

T.D. Towers (no. 175) electronic expert

Sources: Cambridge News (Cambridgeshire Collection), UK census, Ancestry UK, Red Cross



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