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163 Hills Road, Mavis House/Bank

History of 163 Hills Road


Fred Balls, 38, china dealer, born London

Laura, 39, born Brighton

Lilly, 16, born Brighton

Violet, 15, born Brighton

Charlie, 13, born Brighton

Olive, 14, born Brighton

Annie Ellerton, governess, 24, born Staffs.

Sidney Johnson, 27, visitor, born Cambridge

Annie Benstead, servant, 24, born Caxton


Francis Du Pres P Oldfield, 31, Sub-collector Indian Civil Service, born Stamford

Frances S H, 33, born Ceylon

Francesca J, 1, born India

Mary Baycroft, 46, nurse, born Barbados

Mary Clements, 66, cook, born Whittlesfield

Emma Gruby, 28, parlour maid, born Northants

Lizzie Radwill, 18, housemaid, born Stamford

Frances D P Oldfield (1869-1928) was a member of the Indian Civil Service and a Judge of the High Court of Judicature, Madras. He was knighted in 1923. From 1924-28 he was professor of jurisprudence at the University of Manchester.

He married Frances, daughter of Sir Richard Cayley, in 1898.


Alexander Paul McAlister, 40, architect, born Liverpool

Agnes Mabel, 36, born Hants

Eric Paul, 7, born Shelford

Leslie Alexander, 4, born Cambridge

Edith Kennedy, 2, born cambridge

Donald, 3 months, born Cambridge

Lucy Brooks, 19, servant cook, born Devon

Florence Alice Brooks, 18, servant nurse, born Devon



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