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244 Hills Road, Seatoller, Amboy

244 Hills Road, Seatoller


Harold James Ruthven Murray, 42, Civil Service HMI of Schools, born Camberwell

Kate Maitland, 37, born Faversham

Kenneth Crossthwaite, 8, born Wolverhampton

Katharine Maud Elizabeth, 1, born trumpington

Daisy Ellen Andrews, servant, 19, cook, born Essex

Jessie Burgess, servant, 16, nurse, born Cambridge

wiki commons

Harold James R Murrey

Harold James R Murray (1868-1955) was an educationalist, inspector of schools and a prominent chess historian. He was the first to publish the theory that chess originated in India. His father was Sir James Murray, the first editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Kenneth C Murray (1903-1972) was an archaeologist and teacher.


The house was bought by Denis and Biddy Marian; it included a dental surgery. They renamed the house Amboy as they had both worked as doctors at Sloan Kettering hospital in Perth Amboy in the USA. They brought up two boys in the house.


House sold following death of Denis Marian.



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